Zante spending money

How Much Money To Take To Zante?

I’ll start by saying Zante is known for many things, totally dependent on the area that you visit. We go to Zante for a nice holiday, not partying. In recent time we went on a Zante family holiday with four of us. When we go on holiday it’s always good to be prepared and that’s something that I would recommend everyone do.

I put this post together for people going on a Zante holiday. If you’re going out partying in Laganas then you’re going to need more money. I would suggest €120 a day if you’re going clubbing, however, it doesn’t cost much to buy alcohol from the local supermarket so that may be a better route.

Zante Family Holiday – Eating Out In Zante

If you’re looking to go on a Zante family holiday then you’re going to need to factor in a few things. We normally stay at an all-inclusive hotel, however, over recent years the food standards have slipped and we’ve started to eat out 90% of the time instead of eating at the hotel. So the first thing you might want to think about is whether it’s worth going all-inclusive or can you save money but just get a hotel if you’re going to be eating out all the time anyway?

It all depends on how much money you spend at meal times. Breakfast could cost you around €20 for four, lunch could be around €40 and dinner around €60. Taking all of that into account it would cost you around €120 a day to eat out which isn’t that bad for a family of four. If you can save money eating at a hotel, all-inclusive, do it.

If you’re looking for places to eat out in Argassi then I’d suggest taking a look at the best restaurants in Argassi post and you’ll be able to find the best and the cheapest restaurants in Zante.

I would also point out that in Greece at the moment it’s not expected that you tip everywhere you go so I haven’t factored that into the total. However, we like to tip most places that we visit if the food is good and the service is great so you might want to keep that in mind when eating out in Zante.

How Much Do Day Trips Cost In Zante?

Now this one is difficult to calculate because it all depends on what type of trip you want to go on and that will affect the money that you need to take. For example, the turtle trip we went on for four of us cost €65, whereas a trip to The Little Farm in Laganas only cost €35 in total so there’s a big difference.

One thing you need to factor in when visiting Zante is that you will need to pay for travel. That means getting a taxi to various places although they aren’t all that expensive. When you book trips transfers are normally included so make sure if you’re booking trips in Zante you ask before paying.

I’d suggest factoring in €50 euros per day if you’re going to want to do things every day. Of course, if you don’t want to partake in a Zante trip every day you can take less. I would suggest taking a look at what trips there are before you set off on your holiday. Take a look at this Things to do in Zante post for ideas and inspiration.

Gift Shopping in Zante

So obviously you’re not going to be gift shipping every day in Zante however you are going to want to go gift shopping, especially if it’s your first holiday in Zante. If it’s your first time visiting Zante I would suggest taking €60 for shopping and gift buying. If you’re returning and you just want to get yourself some bits, you won’t need as much money of course.

I will say you should totally shop around when you visit Zante. Some places are cheaper than others and they’ll all sell the same if not similar things so make sure you get a good deal by shopping around. I would also say think about what you want to buy and who you want to buy things for before you go so you get a sense of how much you want to spend.

When looking for the best gift shops in Zante make sure you get what you want. That being said get what you need to begin with and if you have any money left over you can always go get some last minute shopping time done at the end of your holiday.

Travel Expenses in Zante

Zante isn’t a huge island but that being said you won’t be able to get everywhere on foot. This means you’ll need to pay for a taxi or if you’re willing to wait long enough you can get a bus. Again this all depends on if you’re going to be going out every day. I would suggest putting €15 euros aside per day for travel expenses.

If you’re not going to use this every day it just means you’ll have some money left over at the end of your trip for more shopping, and who doesn’t love shopping!

Other Expenses

You will probably need to buy extra bits as well so I’ve added €6.50 a day for any expenses that you might not see. You might end up going to the supermarket for snacks or bottled water so you’ll have to factor in the cost for that on top of everything else.

How Much Money Do I Need In Zante?

So if you want to know how much money to take on your Zante holiday, I’ll do a breakdown below. I’m calculating this for a family of four because that’s the recent trip we just went on and it will help give families a rough guide on what they should take. If you’re looking at visiting Greece I’d take a look at holidays in Argassi, which is where we stay each time we visit.

The total amount per day – €200
– Eating out – €120
– Trips out – €50
– Gift Shopping – €8.50
– Travel – €15
– Other expenses – €6.50

That’s the rough total for many euros we take to Zante every time we visit. Of course, if you’re visiting for a week you would want to take €1,400 and double if you’re going for two weeks. There are ways on visiting Zante on a budget though which you can read more about below.

Budget Holiday in Zante

It is more than possible to have a budget holiday in Zante and there are a few ways to do this. Holidays aren’t cheap, going abroad can be very expensive and people are always looking for a bargain.

Budget friendly Zante Hotels. Take a look for hotels that offer all-inclusive on your stay. It might mean paying a little more but you’ll save around €120 per day on food if you only eat at the hotel. It might not be glamorous and the food might not be amazing but it’s one of the most effective ways to save money on your holiday.

You can also find a hotel that has an amazing pool. This will mean some days when you visit you won’t even leave the hotel as you’ll be too busy enjoying your time at the pool. This is going to save you money on travel expenses and trips. I would also note that when you book your holiday, see if it comes with transfers included so that’s not something you have to pay for.

Cheap Trips In Zante. If you’re looking to save money I’d 100% recommend looking for cheaper trips. There are some great trips out there that don’t cost the earth. Although the turtle trip is a must in Zante you can always visit The Little Farm in Laganas which is much cheaper and has lots more animals and things to do.

I would also recommend finding the best tour agent or booking with your hotel depending on which option is cheaper. Sometimes you will get a better deal with your hotel so it’s always best to ask. Don’t just book with the first tour guide that you see. Peters Tours in Argassi is who we book ours through, they’re mid-priced and we’ve never had any issues with him.

Zante Spending Money Round Up

I hope this post has helped you determine how much Zante spending money you might need. I’m not saying this is 100% and it’s always important to take into account your own personal circumstance. What you want to do on your Zante holiday might be totally different to what we did on ours.

I hope these tips have helped you decide how much money is needed for a Zante holiday. If you have any suggestions or if you think we’ve missed anything that you always spend money on when you go on holiday, let us know! In the meantime, if you’re off on holiday soon we hope you have an amazing time!