Hotel Football ~ A Critical Review

Hotel Football, Manchester Hotel Review

Each year we stop at hotel football at least once in Manchester, we go to blogon which is an amazing blogging event that gets hosted at least twice at year. I thought it was about time we wrote up a hotel football review after staying here 4 times! I’m going to be totally honest in this review, no holding back!

Hotel Football Location

The hotel isn’t in the main area of Manchester, it’s around 12 minutes driving if you want to get into the main centre of Manchester town although if you’re walking you’re looking at 35-50 minutes so it’s worth getting some sort of transport.

Hotel Football is located right next to the Manchester stadium so if you’re a football fan this is one of the best hotels to stay at, owned by the Nevil brothers as well. If there’s a game on your can guarntee that the hotel is going to be full so make sure you book early just for the fantastic location!

Hotel Football, Manchester Hotel Review. Hotel football Manchester football stadium

Hotel Football

Hotel Football looks really nice from the outside, it looks like it’s going to cost you a fortune just to stay a night and to be fair it’s not exactly cheap. Hotel football Manchester is one for the books if you’re a fan of football or the Man United football team.

Hotel Football Parking

Hotel football parking used to be free a fewe years back although now you’re looking at a £5 a night charge which to be fair is a little annoying when you’re already paying to stay at the hotel. I would advise parking in the hotel football car park though because the premier inn car park cost even more. There are limited spaces however so you’re not guarnteed a parking space.

Hotel Football Facilities

Hotel football cafe is located downstairs by the receiption, you can have drinks there and watch whatever is on TV, normally football. You can also have a sit down meal and get some breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick snack. You can also have events and parties at hotel football, you’d have to ask them more about that though but blogon is hosted there and there’s loads of room.

Hotel Football Disabled Access

The hotel claim to have really good disabled access, not that I’ve seen however. There is a disabled toilet near the reception, the toilet is big enough for a wheelchair although due to where they’ve put it getting a wheelchair to it would be difficult. I’ve not seen any other disabled access or rooms so I can’t comment on them. I would like to point out that the disabled handles in the lifts are broken and they need fixing for sure.

Hotel Football Rooms

We have stayed in several of the hotel football rooms now, I have to say the majority of them are really nice. I would like to point out that the hotel football mini bar contents are completley free which is ace, although they’re not stocked up with top notch brands they have some yummy bits in there which you can help yourself to.

The rooms come with your basic tea and coffee, they also have an iron and ironing board. Even the standard double rooms are nice and spacious. You’re not guarnteed a stadium view but to be fair all the views in the hotels we’ve stayed in have been really nice. The double beds have two pillows per person and there aren’t any spare in the room so you’d have to ask reception for more.


The bathrooms in the rooms are clean, stocked and everything you need. However I would say that I really don’t like the rain forest thermostatic showers, Matt however loves them so I guess some people will like them whereas others just won’t. I like to be able to grab something that I can use! I will say that you get loads of towels, you really don’t need that many so they could reduce the carbon footprint as they pride themselves in doing by reducing the amount in the bathrooms.

Hotel Football Room Cleaning

What can I say, it was late both days. They say the cleaners go home at 3pm, so on the second day we had to talk to the manager to get our room cleaned as it was 3:15pm! It was 2:30 the first day. The cleaners are friendly but most guests don’t want to wait around all day just to have their rooms cleaned.

Hotel Football Room Service

We decided to get room service for our last night at the hotel in May and the food was okay. Obviously hotel food is nothing to write home about but I have to say the pizza was quite nice. Compared to most take away places in the srea the prices were fairly matched and if we stay again I’d be sure to order room service again.

Hotel Football, Manchester Hotel Review. Hotel football room service

Hotel Football Room Prices

Trust me hotel football isn’t cheap and for the most part it’s worth it. We paid £290.71 for 3 nights May 3rd – May 6th. Well being honest I’d say it was at least £100 over priced for this visit after we encountered a few issues talked about in the post. We got a standard double room for that price as well.


I’d stay here again but that’s only for the blogging event we go to. The hotel is overpriced and in the last few years it’s gone down hill. The rooms wern’t cleaned on time, we had some issues with members of staff taking issue with us being gay which I wasn’t fond of and areas of the hotel needed some TLC! The food was nice however and the rooms were quiet enough to get a good nights sleep.

If you’re going to stay in hotel football I’d suggest looking on for a good rate so you don’t have to pay over the odds. I’m only giving this hotel a 3 cub paw rating, a few things need improving if they’re going to get a higher rating otherwise it’ll probably go down!

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