You may have seen our recent Blogon review and hopefully you liked it? Well in order to attend we had to grab a hotel room for a couple of nights and where better than the hotel the conference was in?! We decided that it would be best if we stayed in Hotel Football, we checked in Saturday and checked out on the Monday. After a couple days I’m pretty sure I can give my brief opinion on what I experienced, mostly the room. Click on the picture of the amazing cupcaks but heylittlecupcakes and get taken to an amazing review!

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The hotel

When you rock up to the place I have to say the hotel looks totally out of place and it’s great. Story has it that the land it’s on was sold mega cheap as the owners got told that the land was unusable and nothing could be built there, which is apparently wrong. Now that you’ve had your history lesson let’s take a look at what’s going on there. To start with the car park is tiny, so if you’re driving be aware of that. While there a few people complained as they couldn’t find a space. The car park on top of that is £5 a night, unless you book through some 3rd party companies and then they may comp your parking.

First impressions of the hotel as you walk in aren’t half bad. The staff are mega friendly and checked us in nice and fast. It wasn’t until you got to the lift of doom that the real fun started! It was like the lift had a life of its own. It gets to the reception floor in a few minutes most of the time although it seemed to hate the 5th floor? We had to take the stairs a few times after the two lifts kept ignoring our floor and doing whatever they wanted, with a busted ankle this wasn’t great for me! If you’re needing a lift because of injuries, ask for a lower floor in case you need to take the stairs.

The Room

The room was quite something I have to admit, as you walk in to your left was the bathroom; which was very fancy. The shower was huge and you could easily fit two people in there, you know if you wanted to! Toilet clean with friendly, free little toiletries if you forgot your shampoo and shower gel! Sink was standard and clean with a nice mirror to show off our pretty faces! We decided not to have the towel rail on because it was so close to the door and sink we didn’t fancy getting burnt!

NOW!! This leads me onto the bedroom itself. I remember being told that the room had fun slippers and dressing gowns, I might not be that slim but I was looking forward to them; this however wasn’t the case? Maybe they stopped this because of theft or cost? Who knows. I would like to point out the mini fridge though, with all the free goodies. So it contained, bottled water, orange club bars, space invader crisps and a couple other bits. Now let me tell you, if you’ve just got back from a few drinks the water totally helps!

The room was nice and clean, all in order and the bed! The bed was mega comfortable, pillows a bit flat but one of the nicest sleeps I’ve had in a long time; in a hotel that is. The welcome note on the desk was also rather nice, not sure if generic and just a standard thing to have or a personal touch? Either way it was nice to see on the desk.

Hotel football room


Overall a nice night stay. We paid £208 on which I’d totally suggest on checking out. We got free parking through booking with them, some nights stacked up, we actually got a free nights stay thanks to this visit and a great deal! Don’t forget that if you’re going to book on, use TopCashBack and get some money back in the process!

Hotel football is worth the money if you can get it at a discount. Sure the lift and the tiny car park is a bit of a pain, you’re going to get a good night sleep though. The windows aren’t exactly sound proof but it doesn’t matter what side of the hotel you’re on. One side you have the canal and animals, on the other you have traffic; so pick your poision.

We’re going to stay here every time we visit for the conference as long as the conference is still being held here and we can’t wait to return!



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