Amsterdam hard rock cafe review

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam Review

Hold on to your hats folks, we’ve been to the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe several times now and each time, each experience was VERY different! We first went to the Hard Rock Cafe on our honeymoon and we were very impressed but just because a place makes a good first impression doesn’t mean it will last.

We love visiting the Hard Rock Cafes across the globe and make a point of visiting all the ones we can when we travel. You can see our Hard Rock Cafe Review list here if you’re interested or maybe visiting somewhere and want to see what the Hard Rock Cafe is like.

Our reviews are blunt, honest and to the point. We aren’t here to sugarcoat anything and if companies don’t like that, they can always give better service. Most of the time we do our homework on places before we eat there so the majority of our reviews are positive, sometimes however, not so much.

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Review

I want to talk about the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe prices, their shop, their food, customer service and how to book a table. The wait time is so long that I would always, always suggest booking a table ahead of time so you’re not sitting at the bar or waiting outside for up to two hours just to get some food!

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Food

We have to admit the food at the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe is hit and miss. The first time we went it was amazing. The food was cooked perfectly, it tasted great and there was nothing we could find wrong with it. That was in 2019 when we visited for our honeymoon and actually went a couple of times despite the bill being over €100 + tip each time.

In 2022 however, we found the food to be quite frankly, terrible. We ordered the loaded nachos like we did the first time but this time they came out dry and there was minimum flavour. The burgers came out burnt, the chips cold and quite frankly it put us off so we don’t think we’ll be visiting the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe again in a hurry. You can see from the picture below that the nachos just didn’t look that appetizing before you even started eating them and they cost €23.75, this includes an additional cost of €6.50 for the chicken.

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Nachos

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Prices

As you might know, the Hard Rock Cafe is not cheap. It is a place you need to make sure you factor in your budget if you’re looking for cheap places to eat, the Hard Rock Cafe is not one of them. They have a big name behind them which means they can put the price up. The tip is also something you have to factor in. The tip isn’t a big problem if you’re going to one of the Europe Hrad Rocks but if you’re eating in America for example, you will have to tip more.

I can only base the prices on a meal for two as that’s how we’ve always gone. On average over our trips we’ve spent €80, the burgers are around €20 each, starters would be another €20 on top and then you have drinks and possibly desserts if you’re still feeling it. Personally, if you’re going as two people I would budget €100 for the Amsterdam Hard Rock.

There are cheaper options on the menu of course and these might be worth looking into if you’re a large group. As there are only two of us and we don’t go often we like to have a little splurge but we always make sure we budget for it. Make sure you know how expensive things are in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Shop

There is quite a large shop at the Hard Rock in Amsterdam. We usually get pin badges when we go to a new Hard Rock and that’s exactly what we did here. This is yet another thing you’ll have to budget into your trip if you intend on buying Hard Rock merchandise while you visit. Personally, I think there should be a 5%/10% discount with a receipt when you eat at the Hard Rock but that’s not something they currently do.

On average a badge at the Hard Rock Cafe has cost us £15, which is around €18. Thankfully, with the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam you don’t have to walk through their shop in order to get to the dining room so there’s less pressure to buy something from the shop while you’re there.

Anyone who frequents the Hard Rock Cafe will know that the prices are not cheap and some of the stuff sold in the shops is just not worth it. That’s why we get pin badges, they look good, they’re one of the cheapest items and they’re small so they don’t take up loads of room when you get home!

If you’re visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, get a badge!

Amsterdam Hard Rock Customer Service

A total mixed bag here. Our server was really nice, and the manager was also very nice and helped us sort the issue so we could just get out of there, we weren’t going to eat any of the food so there was no point sticking around. However, when our food was brought out it was by a kitchen staff member who dumped the plates down with a bang that made another table look at us. He also got very rude when we asked for cutlery and told us to sarcastically wait.

It depends on who you’re lumped with when you visit. The 2019 visits we ended up with some amazing staff, we even got photos with them because we had such a good time. Will there be much change in the next couple of years? Let us know if the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe customer service has improved!

The Hard Rock Cafe App

The app has its pros and cons depending on how often you visit the Hard Rock Cafes or the Hard Rock Hotels. Every time you visit you’ll get points from how much you spend, however, these reset in January every year so unless you go often, they’re not worth it.

You also get exclusive deals and discounts on the app that you can use so it’s always worth taking a look at the app before you visit to see if you get anything from the app that day. You can read our post on the app here, Is The Hard Rock Cafe App Worth Downloading?

Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Book Table Reservations

You will be happy to know that you can easily book a table at the Hard Rock Cafe and I would suggest booking a table every single time you want to visit or you might be waiting around for literally hours at its busiest. You can book a table at any Hard Rock Cafe by either ringing them up, going online or using the app.

Is The Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe Worth Visiting?

We have mixed opinions. If you were visiting in 2019 we’d say go in a heartbeat. If you were visiting in 2022 we’d say give it a miss. They gave us excuses such as the kitchen staff being new (and very rude!) so it just depends on your luck when you visit.

We won’t be visiting the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe anytime soon and that’s as much as we can say in our Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam review I’m afraid. Due to it being such a mixed bag. Unfortunately, it only takes a couple of things like burnt burgers and rude kitchen staff to paint a poor picture of the establishment.

Have you been to the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam? Let us know when you went and what you thought about it. Has it improved since December 2022? I’d love to know and maybe we’ll give it another chance when we visit Amsterdam next! If you’re looking to eat out in Amsterdam, take a look at our Best Restaurants In Amsterdam Post and get some inspiration for your itinerary.

Is the hard rock cafe in Amsterdam worth it?