Grosvenor Plymouth, Hotel review, hotel room

Grosvenor Plymouth, Hotel review

In 2017 I had to stay in Plymouth a few times, one of the hotels I picked on one occasion was the Grosvenor hotel, I had heard some amazing things about this hotel and thought it would be somewhere nice to stay. I wanted to put a review together so that you could understand what it was like for me on my trip. I will say this review is about the second room I stayed in as the first one was so hot I couldn’t sleep all night!


The location is actually really nice. It’s by some lovely parks and gardens that are perfect for a morning walk or catching pokemon! I believe it’s next to the hoe, that’s what the park is called anyway. It over looks the sea and watching the ferry depart was a real nice treat. You wouldn’t expect a Grosvenor hotel to be there either, it’s not the biggest of hotels and it blends in with the surrounding houses so you have to keep an eye out.

It’s a while from the town centre however and you’ll be looking at a 5 minute bus ride or 15-20 minute walk, as the train station is near town you’ll have to make your way there as well which is a bit of a pain. I will say though that the Grosvenor hotel plymouth is in a really beautiful area with little noise so you should get a good nights sleep.

Grosvenor plymouth Hotel Rooms

I will point out that after my first night I had to change rooms, this was due to the heat and the amount of stairs. If you find it difficult to walk stairs or need disabled access, ask for something on the main floor. If you get a room higher than 30 you’re going to be fighting with a lot of stairs and the heat as it rises and I was unable to sleep the first night.

However the hotel were kind enough to move me to another room after the sleepless night I got the first day and I was soon lower down and able to sleep. The rooms have enough space in them, I had a double and it was just enough space for two people, the decor needs updating and the rooms need a better clean however so if you like your rooms dust free, go somewhere else I’m afraid.

Grosvenor Plymouth, Hotel review, hotel room

Grosvenor Plymouth Bathrooms

I like a big bathroom and I’m afraid I didn’t get it. I’ve mentioned before about the horrible toilets that squash you in place and that’s what happened here which was a shame. The bathroom was too small and you could just about get one person in there a time to get ready in the morning. If you’re looking for Plymouth accomadation with big bathrooms I’d check other hotels. The bathroom size issue was the same in both rooms I stayed in so I don’t think it was a one off and you’re more than likely going to have the issue in most rooms.

I will say that the bathroom was clean, well stocked and had the mini shampoos and conditioners that I like to use so that was a bonus.

Grosvenor Plymouth, Hotel review, hotel room bathroom

Grosvenor Hotel Plymouth Services

I like to take a look at the whole hotel and think about everything that I’m going to need and everything someone else is going to need. Otherwise there would’nt be much point writing a Grosvenor hotel review if I didn’t take it all in.

Grosvenor Plymouth Parking

There wasn’t any, thankfully I was by myself on this trip so we didn’t have a car. Due to it’s location there was no parking around and you’d be hard pushed to find somewhere to park, I hope they’ve sorted this out now because it must drive away a lot of business.

Grosvenor Plymouth Breakfast

I had a full English breakfast, or at least I thought that’s what I was getting. The breakfast room was down in the basement and if you wern’t careful you’d end up knocking someone over because there wasn’t enough room. I had to order what I wanted from the table as there was no buffet style there apart from drinks. I must admit I was a little annoyed with my breakfast, it looked sad and wasn’t very nice if I’m honest.

Whoever was making the breakfast must have been having a bad day with only one bit of bacon on the plate! I’m pretty sure I went out and got breakfast in a cafe after, which was cheaper and nicer so keep that in mind when you book!

Grosvenor Plymouth, Hotel review, Hotel Breakfast

Grosvenor Plymouth Prices

I’m going to start by saying this place is overpriced. I ended up paying £160 for two nights and it wasn’t worth it. I would pay around £100 if I’m being generous. The rooms were hot, could do with a clean and the food was okay at best. I would say that if you’re going to book a room here, make sure you use and get a discount along with some reward nights because that’s the only way I managed to pay that much!


I don’t rate this place very high, I’d give it 3 cub paws out of 5. The rooms need a better clean and the meals need to improve. I understand they can’t do anything with the parking due to their location but I’ve stayed at lower star hotels and got better. If you’re staying at a Grosvenor hotel you want the best for your money and on this occasion that’s not what I got! I’d recommend the Jury’s Inn if you’re looking for somewhere really nice when it comes to Plymouth hotels, I’ve stayed there and it was really nice.

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