Film & Comic Con Bournemouth Review

Amazingly we got press passes to the Film and Comic Con Bournemouth. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to share our experience with everyone. My thoughts before going were pretty much the same as everyone else. I didn’t think it was going to be that good, especially not as good as the previous years. The first Film & Comic Con Bournemouth was amazing. They had loads of guests, props and used the whole of the BIC. I remember thinking a week before comic con that there wasn’t enough guests on the line up and they only had on prop, The Big Bang Theory set.

I put all the thoughts and doubts to the back of my mind and went with it anyway. I wanted to go in with a clear mind and see what the day had to offer. They had a couple of guests I wanted to meet so it wasn’t all bad right? Well have a read and watch the video below to see for yourself.

We arrived nice and early to pick up our press passes. I can’t obviously speak for everyone else as we had a different queue but when it came to picking up the press passes, it was a total mess. We were told to wait outside for 10 minutes while they tried to find the press passes, it would have been quicker to queue up with everyone else. To top it off the lady at the door was awfully rude, not the best start to the day. We finally got in around 9:15 and had our fingers crossed that the day would improve! You can see my unimpressed face!

It was nice to see that they actually had two halls open, I thought this would improve the chances of the show being good…. I was wrong. I would like to say that I really wanted the weekend to go well, I had a pass for both days just like others did; thankfully I didn’t have to purchase mine.

I would like to point out that the stall holders did a very impressive job with how they handled the dire situation. Most of the stalls were set up very well, very inviting. All of the stall holders that we talked to were friendly and stopped to have a good little chat, of course we brought some bits from a few bits but that was to be expected. Let’s talk about the amazing stalls in more details shall we.

I will be talking about stalls a little more in a different post, all about stores if you want to have a look. We came across some wicked non acoholic Harry Potter beer which is chilling nicely in the fridge while I type! Have you ever heard of Manhua Cha? Nope me neither until today! They are described as Poppin’ Juice Balls! These balls are like nothing I’ve tasted before, they taste amazing. I would suggest getting the Strawberry and Cherry ones if I was you! If you use the code BATMAN on their website as well you will get a 20% DISCOUNT!! You can only use it once however so buy enough to stock up!!




As I said above to check out more on the stalls check out this post. Let us get back to the Film and comic con Bournemouth shall we? The guests, much like the previous disaster of a comic con held in Bournemouth a couple of the guests dropped out the night before, John Rhys Davies was still there and that was the main highlight for me. It was a shame that there was only one guest to see as I normally go for the guests but I guess SM had other stuff to worry about.

I totally understand that they tell you guest announcements can be made the day before or even the day of the convention and I would have loved that but I’m afraid that just wasn’t the case. To top it off I saw a lady get moved from a guest as she was told it was busy. It was around 10am, there was no queue and it was far from busy!

Big Fat Conclusion….

So I got the feeling that SM was trying to sabotage the whole event, the staff were rude and unorganized at the start of the day (fingers crossed it improved!). Not only that but I was told several times that I was unable to take pictures or film the event, that’s even with a press pass! I don’t see there being a future for a Bournemouth comic con, possibly ran by another company with the dedication for Bournemouth but not by SM.

I have to point out that my view isn’t singular. A lot of people feel the same way and I have an awful feeling that SM are going to try and say that due to there not being enough support they won’t be carrying on with the event. Which is a shame and a sham when the fans have been nothing but supportive but given nothing in return.

I just feel a little sorry for the stall holders that have to pay hundreds if not thousands for the weekend when it hasn’t been organized properly. Also sorry for the people who purchased weekend tickets and may have found the expierence similar to my own. I arrived at 9am, it took me 15 minutes to get in and we left by 10:20am! Was barley worth it but I did get some cool items from some of the stores I suppose!

From the comments I have seen so far, if you go for the cos play you are in for a win. If you went for the guests or anything else you may have hated the whole weekend!

Let me know how you got on with the weekend, I would love to know if you had a better time than we did or was it a waste of time and parking charges? I would love for there to be another comic con next year with time and dedication thrown in but we will have to see. If they did another would you bother after today?

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