Fat Phills Restaurant review

Fat Phill’s Amsterdam Review

Fat Phill’s is amazing! If you’re looking for an Amsterdam burger to fill your stomach at an affordable price, you have to visit Fat Phills! It has to be one of our favourite places to eat when we visit, one of the top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer!

Their menu is minimal but everything on it looks delicious. We saw this place on TikTok and decided we were going to give it a go it took us a bit of time to find it but when you do, it’s right in front of you. Like when you lose your house keys. There’s seating to eat outside if you want to and there’s a little bit of seating inside.

I would like to point out that this fast food Amsterdam restaurant does get very popular so you might have a little wait. The wait time is less in the winter months so if you visit over Christmas, don’t forget to visit the Fat Phills restaurant.

Fat Phills Amsterdam restaurant

Fat Phill’s Amsterdam Burger Bar Review

This place is well worth the visit, the food is great and the prices aren’t all that bad. Take a look at what we thought below and make your mind up for yourself!

Fat Phill’s Amsterdam Restaurant Area

As I mentioned, there is a large area outside where you can eat your food. However, this is only really recommended in the summer months. In the winter it’s cold and rains a lot in Amsterdam so keep that in mind. The seating inside is limited to around 8-10 people so big groups might want to plan in advance and eat outside.

The restaurant area is kept clean and tidy which is good. The tables looked clean and weren’t sticky despite all the food and drinks consumed on them. The toilets are also very clean and customers are able to use them. I will point out that the inside of the restaurant isn’t disability friendly, so if you’re in a wheelchair you might have to wait outside while someone else orders, which sucks but there just isn’t room inside.

In the restaurant, you’ll be able to order your food on a touch screen, as they have in Mcdonald’s which is super easy to master. You then grab a buzzer and when your order is ready they’ll shout the number on the buzzer and you can collect it. I recommend grabbing some extra napkins when you collect them!

Amsterdam Restaurant Fat Phill’s Prices

The burger bar Amsterdam has to offer are normally priced super high so not everyone can enjoy them. Fat Phills however is very affordable and we were very surprised with how much it costs! We got two burgers, two drinks, onion rings and some bacon and cheese loaded fries which cost us €38.25 which is decent compared to some places.

The Fat Phill’s prices do vary depending on what you get of course and we think there’s something there to suit any budget. Below is the menu, take a look. The picture was taken in December 2022 so they may have changed since you visited but the Fat Phill’s menu below will give you a rough idea.

Fat Phills food Amsterdam Prices

Amsterdam Fat Phills Restaurant Food Quality

The fast food Amsterdam has to offer usually is of terrible quality, not with Fat Phill’s! The food comes out fast so you’re not sitting around waiting and sometimes if you’re getting Amsterdam food it can take a while to get your food. This place is popular and still, the food comes out nice and fast.

Amsterdam Fat Phills Restaurant Food

Well, what can I say, it cost us €38.25 for two burgers, loaded fries, onion rings and two drinks on top. Amsterdam Fat Phill’s has to be one of the cheapest places that we’ve eaten at and one of the tastiest places we’ve eaten at as well. The food doesn’t just look amazing, it also tastes amazing.

That being said, as we’ve said before Louis likes his burgers well done without any pink. Their burgers were nice although a little pink remained. We were able to eat the burgers without any issues but if you’re even more particular than Louis, you might need to send it back.

Fat Phills Food Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fat Phill’s Customer Service

We had no issues with the staff working there. It was literally two guys working at Fat Phill’s. They were very polite and didn’t mind cooking the burgers well done so there was minimal pink. When Louis needed the toilet they showed him where it was and were very polite. Can’t fault the Fat Phill’s customer service at all.

Amsterdam Fat Phills Review

Fat Phill’s has made it into our top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer. It’s one of our favourites and we will be returning. The food is great, cheap and fast. The Fat Phill’s burgers are what they’re known for and for good reason as well. If you want one of the best burger bars Amsterdam has to offer, visit Fat Phill’s.