Everything You Need To Know About Wales Comic Con!

Everything You Need To Know About Wales Comic Con!

Wales comic con has been an event we’ve been to for years, it’s always getting better and we love it. It’s expensive and can get really busy but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. We get a lot of questions about WCC and thought it would be a good idea to put a little guide together for beginners or people that just want a little advice on the day or how to get there. Wales comic con also known as Wrexham comic con is held twice a year so if you can’t make one there’s always another you can go to and there are always amazing guests to meet and empty your wallet!

What Is Wales Comic Con

Wales comic con is amazing, I’ve said it before and I’ll carry on saying it. They have grown after every single event they’ve held and they keep getting better. Like any comic con there are areas that need improvement but the people who run WCC are always listining and trying to improve these areas, which is why it’s important to give helpful feedback after any event. The comic con is held at Wrexham university and although it’s not the biggest university the folks running the convention manage to fit everything in and expand when they have amazing new guests. If you’ve seen our latest comic con YouTube video you’ll know that they opened a new area so that people could meet more guests like Alyson Hannigan from Buffy who was amazing to meet!

The Wrexham comic con is a place for fans of everything to come together, meet like minded people and some idols they’ve wanted to meet for years. There are loads of merch stalls and so much to do that you’ll want to buy tickets for the whole weekend and remortage your house just to afford it all!

What Guests Can You Expect At Wales Comic Con?

LOADS! When we first started going to the comic con there were around 30 guests, not major guests but amazing ones. The first convention we went to just so that Louis Could meet Gareth David-Lloyd and James Marsters. We’ve met some other amazing guests like Alyson Hannigan from Buffy, Rebecca Mader from Once Upon a Time and Warrick Davis from Harry Potter.

I’m writing this in preperation for the April 2019 convention, we’re unable to go which is a huge shame when they have a line up consisting of Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, Jennifer Morrision from Once Upon a Time, David Tennant from Doctor Who, Russell Tovey from Looking and so many more! It would have cost us a fortune but we’re saving and paying for a wedding, I’m looking forward to seeing loads of pictures from the event however and if you’re one of the people going I hope you have an amazing time!

Everything You Need To Know About Wales Comic Con!

What Tickets Can Be Purchased For Wales Comic Con?

There are several tickets that can be purchased for Wales comic con and they all vary in price. I personally don’t think they’re that expensive when you think of all the amazing guests that attend and all the other cool stuff that goes on throughout the day. I’ll put a list of the Wales comic con tickets below with all the prices that are correct for the April 2019 Wales comic con ticket prices.

  • Earlybird weekend – £45
  • Earlybird day Sat/Sun – £25
  • General entry day Sat/Sun – £20
  • Under 15s Earlybird weekend – £18
  • Under 15s Earlybird day Sat/Sun – £12
  • Under 15s entry day Sat/Sun – £10
  • VIP DAY PASS – £120

You can also buy tickets for photo oppertunities with the guests that attend the comic con although these can be limited so best order them as soon as possible and they all vary in price depending on the guests so I’m unable to give a photo oppertunity price guide there. Ticket prices change each year so they may have changed by the time you read this post, always check on the W

How To Get To Wales Comic Con?

So for people wondering where Wales comic con will take place it’s a really nice university. The sat nav picks up the university really well and will take you right to it’s doorstep. I’ll drop the address below so that people can copy it into their sat nav without any trouble.

The event will take place at Glyndwr University, Mold Road, Wrexham, LL11 2AW

Getting To Wales Comic Con By Train.

There are several trains that take you close to the university, I’ve made a little list below so it’s easy to understand. One thing I’d say is try and get an earlier train as you can never be too early for WCC!

The nearest railway stations to Wales comic con are:

Wrexham General : 5 minutes walk from Glyndwr University.
Wrexham Central : 10 minutes walk from Glyndwr University.
Chester : about 20 minutes away by car/taxi.

Parking For Wales Comic Con

We park every time we visit, you can normally find a little residential road nearby as well so that you don’t have to pay for parking. The only thing I will say about that is don’t block in someones drive way as there have been complaints in the past where people are blocking them or parts of the road with their cars. You can also park in different locations as well.

There’s free parking at the University campus but it is advisable people really arrive early to get a free space as it may be restricted due to local events such as football next door being on at the same time. There is parking towards the back and front of the university or if you fancy the walk there are car parks located in Wrexham town that you can pay for the day and walk back and forth to the university. The only thing I will say is that you don’t want to park too far away if you want to be making trips to drop stuff off at the car!

Hotels Near Wales Comic Con

There are a few hotels that you can stay in for Wales comic con and most of them are pretty decent price wise due to Wrexham being a small north Wales town. I’ve made a little list below of hotels that you can book for your weekend at WCC, I’d always recommend going through hotels.com because you’re going to get a better price and you can earn reward nights after staying 10 nights and get a night free!

  • Premier Inn Wrexham Town Centre, Jacques Way, Wrexham, LL11 2BY.
  • Ramada Plaza – Wrexham, Ellice Way, Wrexham, LL13 7YT.
  • The Lemon Tree, 29 Rhosddu Rd, Wrexham, LL11 2LP.

I’m sure there are other nice hotels in Wrexham near the university, let me know if you’ve stayed in any that you want me to add to the list and I’ll check them out.

Where To Get Food For Wales Comic Con?

The amazing folks at the comic con have introduced food trucks in recent years which means that people enjoying the convention don’t have to wonder off for an hour or two and grab a bite to eat. There is a Pizza Hut nearby however and various cafes and restuarants within Wrexham town. It depends on your budget as to where you want to eat as some of the food trucks can be expensive. WCC now have vegan food trucks so all the food there caters for everyone and this was one piece of feedback that people gave and that the convention have used and put to good use.

What Else Can Be Found At Wales Comic Con?

The great thing about WCC is that it’s not just focused on the guests unlike some conventions we have been to, there’s a balance of everything. in 2018 they had people from the owl sanctuary there and we got to hold the birds, you can check this out from our latest convention video as well. They had airsoft shooting, display cars that you can take pictures with and in 2018 they had the amazing Johnny 5 that Matt loved and had to get a picture with, footage can also be seen in that video!

Everything You Need To Know About Wales Comic Con!

The convention has a games area that’s grown over the past few years and have had some amazing competitions in there, if you’re a gamer you need to check that area out. They had competitions running throughout the day and at the December 2018 con we had people handing out free Kinder Beauno throughout the day, one thing I would like to point out is that some guests forget to use the bins and we want to leave the university clean and tidy so the convention keeps getting invited back! Wales comic con has so much more to offer than just the guests and I love the whole expierence, which is why we always buy weekend tickets!

What Passes Can Be Got For Wales Comic Con?

This is a tricky one and in the past people have adbused the system so I’m glad to see that the convention has put rules, guidelines and basically safe guards in place to ensure that everyon who needs a pass for whatever reasons gets one. I’ll put a list of passes and the rules attached below so you can see if you fit under any certain catagory.

Wales Comic Con press passes – Who qualifies for a press pass?

Wales Comic Con press passes are for people in the comic book, animation, film, television, gaming, or other pop-culture related industries. Including writers, reporters, reviewers, producers,photographers, cameramen and other fields that contribute. There are also rules for online press, such as ourselves that work through blogging and YouTube.

Online Press For Wales Comic Con – for YouTube and web page media (Blogs, online newspapers) you must have two verifiable social media pages with 2,500 followers each (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram). Websites must have been registered for at least two years and must be posting content every 14 days or less. For more information on press passes check out the convention page here.

Wales Comic Con Access Pass.

There’s certain criteria for an access pass for wales comic con which I’ll list below, you’ll need evidence to support your application, there have been people in the past that have disagreed with this but the way I see it is that they’re making sure to give the passes to the right people and not just to everyone that asks for one. If you want to read more on the Wales comic con access pass click here.

Criteria to apply for a Wales comic con access pass is as follows;

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – MIDDLE RATE CARE OR HIGHER
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – ENHANCED CARE
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Blind Persons Registration
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

What Time Does Wales Comic Con Open?

Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

On both days the entry for early bird ticket holders is at 10am, the entry for general ticket holders is 11am. Anyone with a VIP ticket will be let in at 9:45am so they have time to collect their lanyards. Here’s my advice, take a look at the time that’s quoted and get there at least an hour early, minimum. We got there at 9am for early bird and didn’t get into the venue for an hour and half because it’s so busy and popular. If you have general entry I’d aim to get there for around 7am, we’ve walked out at lunch before and the queue has extended around the building, footage in our first Wales comic con vlog! Trust me for Wales comic con you can never be too early!

Wales Comic Con Cosplay!

I love seeing the cosplay and the Wrexham comic con is no different, the cosplay is amazing. If you have us on Instagram you’ll know that we love the cosplay and love taking pictures with people in cosplay. Like every convention there are rules to what you’re allowed for cosplay, you don’t want people to mistake your props for real weapons and you’ll either have them conviscated or you’ll be refused entry with them as the security know what needs to be done to keep people safe. There’s a whole list of banned items on the convention website and also helpful cosplay tips so be sure to check that out!

Wales Comic Con Cosplay Masquerade!

The masquerade is amazing, we’ve not been able to go to them all but if you get a chance you need to go! You’ll be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes that will become known on the day and there are various catagories that you can enter in, here they are!

Current categories for the Masquerade are:
Best Junior (Up to aged 16)
Best Crafts Person
Best Performance
Spirit of Cosplay (NEW)
Wales comic con allow groups of up to 4 people enter to make it more fair.

Wales Comic Con Conlusion!

There is loads to take in before arriving to the convention, it can be daunting if it’s your first time or if you’re going alone but trust me once you get in there you’ll soon be relaxed and enjoying yourself. One thing I will say is be prepared to queue, wait about and get hot. I’d suggest taking a look at our comic con essentials guide and you’ll have everything you need when you’re stood around waiting. Don’t forget to join the Wales Comic Con Facebook group so that you can chat to likeminded people, get more advice and make some amazing memories! Most importantly have an amazing time and take loads of photos. If you have any more questions check out the FAQ page on the wales comic con website.

Everything You Need To Know About Wales Comic Con!