Dorset Vegan Fair

June 2017 marked the event Bournemouth had been waiting for. The Vegan Fair which was held at the BIC , it was a buzz with excited guests and various stall holders alike. You couldn’t swing a baton without hitting a vegetable, although there was so much more on offer than a simple lettuce. As soon as we entered the hall the calming atmosphere hit us. I have to say I was a little disappointed that you had to pay for the tote bags unlike all other events I have attended.

Our first stop was to try some amazing milkshakes that we saw everyone walking around with. Go with the Fro looked amazing when we got there, we even decided to go back before we left. First time round we went with triple chocolate and strawberry and second time we chose raspberry and strawberry. All three tasted amazing and if I had an endless amount of money I would have had endless amounts of milkshake.

The fair had so much to offer but of course I was drawn to something sweet. We came across an adorable chocolate stall that I just couldn’t say no to. I myself am dairy intolerant so to have chocolate that I can enjoy and not have any repercussions from, I should say that the company I am referring to are called Cocoafeliz. You can find everything needed on their website and even create your own chocolate bar! I should explain, your able to buy a chocolate bar made up of 8 mini chocolate bars. You can pick any flavours you want and they can be dark, normal or milk chocolate as well! The mint and orange are dreamy! We ended up getting a bar and some chocolate dinosaurs for my brother!

There were loads of stalls lining the hall, different foods, chocolates and everything you can imagine! It was a breath of fresh air when we came across soap daze however. The candles they have to offer smell amazing and almost look as good as the various soaps available to buy. Something I didn’t see at the fair though, bath bombs. After having a look at their website I saw they sell amazing looking chocolate orange bath bombs! They look so funky and I reckon anyone would want one for Christmas!  Soap daze offers some amazing gifts and I would highly suggest you give them a go!

I could endlessly talk about everything else that went on at the fair but I suggest you just take a visit yourself! I myself, I’m not vegan but I learned a lot from my trip. Vegan people get so much bad press and it isn’t at all true. I saw no one eating grass and everyone was having a great time. I will bring to light one more stall that I fell in love with towards the end. Smooze!! So with the heat at the moment I have been going through loads of ice pops and magnums and they all leave me wanting more or feeling guilty.

Smooze are vegan, dairy and gluten free. Various flavours all made with coconut milk, normally I don’t like coconut milk although in these amazing tasteful lollies I could hardly taste it. I mean if you haven’t tried them yet, get some! We decided to go with two boxes, pineapple and mango flavoured! Let me tell you, they are yummy!

So there you have it, the Dorset Vegan fair! The weekend was truly amazing and I have to say I would easily use vegan products a lot more, especially from soap daze, the products they sell are amazing and smell lush!

Let us know what events you attend, make suggestions to ones we could try, please share!!

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