Diamant Museum, Diamond Museum Amsterdam Review

Diamant Museum, Diamond Museum Amsterdam Review

While in Amsterdam we wanted to check out a load of Amsterdam’s museums. We started with the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam because who doesn’t love a diamond, also known as the Diamant Museum Amsterdam. If you’re looking for some decent and historic Amsterdam museums I’d try this one out for sure! Let’s talk a bit more about the historic Amsterdam Diamant museum.


Diamond Museum Address in Amsterdam
Paulus Potterstraat 8
1071 CZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 3055300
Homepage: www.diamantmuseumamsterdam.nl

The Amsterdam diamond museum is situated within the Amsterdam museum quarter, surrounded by a few other museums such as the Stedelijk Museum, which features a whole range of modern art. The diamond museum is signposted so you won’t have an issue finding it and it looks really nice from the outside. They also have a really nice Diamant museum bench outside that you can take some nice photos on, like I tried!

Diamant Museum, Diamond Museum Amsterdam. Diamant museum bench

The Exhibit

The museum features work of art from across centuries, showcasing how diamonds were geologically created, the history of how diamonds became a symbol of wealth and power and the history behind the human passion of diamonds that made them so desirable and beautiful. There are some amazing diamond pieces within the exhibit and some that will take your breath away. The museum is filled with replicas of famous diamonds and jewels that let you imagine what the pieces looked like throughout time.

Can I take photos in the Amsterdam diamond museum? You can but it needs to be kept to a minimum, no flash photography is allowed and this is the common theme throughout Amsterdam museums I’m afraid, however, if you visit the Amsterdam diamond museum you need to take a picture of the coolest tennis racket ever!

Diamant Museum, Diamond Museum Amsterdam. Exhibit

Diamond Museum Admission Prices

The best part about the diamond museum is it doesn’t cost that much at all! The diamond museum adult cost is €10 per adult. However if you have the Iamsterdam card it won’t cost you anything to get in, which is what we did.

Diamond Museum Opening Times

Daily 9.00 am – 5.00 pm including weekends, means you can spend quite a bit of time at this Amsterdam museum and enjoy the day without having to rush. I will also point out that it takes about 1-2 hours to visit this museum so it’s a nice time out that isn’t too quick for your money and isn’t too long that you get bored.

Diamond Museum Facilities

I have to say that the museum was really clean, can’t say anything negative about the place to be fair. The toilet was clean and tidy. Amsterdam diamond museum disabled access, there wasn’t a great deal of disabled access for people in wheelchairs, if you’re using a crutch then you should be fine getting around the place but there are a few steps.


I really like the diamond museum, it’s not too overpowering and you’re not going to be there so long that you get bored. It’s the right amount of interesting as well, I don’t think it’s a place for children though unless they really like diamonds. It’s great value for money and I’d recommend giving it a visit, don’t forget to check out the diamond museum gift shop on your way out as well for some unique gifts.

Diamant Museum, Diamond Museum Amsterdam Review