Essentials Needed At Every Comic Convention, EVER!

Essentials Needed At Every Comic Convention, EVER!

Comic Convention Essentials List

We visit a comic convention at least once a year, sometimes up to four times a year! So it’s easy to say that we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. When you’ve been to as many comic conventions as we have you start to understand some of the key essential items that you’re going to need to take along with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small convention, you’ll need the bits at every single one.

Some people might know what we’re talking about, some people might get offended (I doubt it), others will have a little chuckle and remember the times when they needed them. At the end of the day we hope that people take at least one thing from this list and remember it always!

Deodrant At Comic Con

YES! So many people need to remember deodorant, if you’re unsure then be safe. Whenever we go to conventions we wear roll on, body spray and then a generous helping of aftershave! So many people walk around smelling like a bin full of sweat it’s disgusting (Sorry if I offend anyone) It’s true. If you’re going to be in a confined place all day and it’s going to be hot, think about other people. You don’t want to meet a celebrity and them have the one thought “Christ this person smells!”, even worse if you’re having a photo with them!

If you’re getting too hot, I would suggest standing outside for a little bit to cool down. Heck if you’re stood in queues all day take a portable fan! You can pick them up cheap before the convention and won’t need to spend ridiculous prices at the convention! As you can see below, it got a little busy at the Brighton Comic Convention back in 2015!

Convention Brighton


Will I Need Sharpies At A Comic Con?

Thankfully, touch wood this has only happened to me once! I’ve stood there waiting and once I get to the celeb I’ve found out that the sharpie has ran out! Which means an awkward wait while another is being found. Of course you have time to talk to the celeb but if you have mega anxiety you might not want that time. If you have¬† sharpie in hand then problem solved, I’d also like to point out that you might want your own coloured sharpie for a particular piece that you want signed. Again pick them up before the convention and you won’t have to spend a fortune! Most of what I’m chatting about in this post can be found in the pound shop anyway!



Extra Power Supplies At a Comic Convention

So you’re spending the entire day at a convention, say roughly 8 hours. You have your phone out snapping pictures all day to find that once you hit hour 3 the battery is about to die! I’d suggest taking a portable power bank to avoid this, you can charge it up while you’re stood in queues or sat down to eat. At most conventions people talk selfies with the guests, you really don’t want a flat phone at this point! I’ve invested in a pretty decent power bank which you can purchase for yourself, equally you can pick up a pound shop version although mine died after a week, they’re not great if you want to have a con power pack!

Taking suitibal bags to a comic convention

You’re going to want a bag, if possible a shoulder bag. If you’re going to get photos signed make sure it’s big enough to hold them. The reason I say this is because in the past at a Bournemouth convention I’ve had some bits stolen!! It wasn’t anything major thankfully but it was annoying all the same. If you’ve got a shoulder bag that you can turn round so it’s in front of you then you shouldn’t have this problem. Of course any bag is going to be difficult to get into, actually being able to see it though helps a great deal! You can get all sorts of cool ones, I don’t think you can get them in the pound shop though! (Sorry!). You can pick them up pretty cheap on Amazon though!

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Extra Advice for a Comic Convention

Okay so the last portion of this blog post, the random bits; woo! You’re going to want a folder, plastic wallet folder; whatever you want to call them. We’ve had one since we started conventions and it’s almost full up. The reason I say this is because the last thing you want is to put a signed photo in your bag and have it torn or screwed up; not after you paid money for that as I highly doubt you’ll get a replacement.

Snacks! Most conventions will let you take snacks in, some might not. It’s always better to check the rules before hand. If you’re on a budget I’d totally suggest taking snacks, if you’re not allowed them in the convention and you’re parked walking distance just keep them in your car. You will save a fortune rather than buying convention food and you never know, it might taste better!

Lastly, the most important thing of all; a budget! I know a lot of people go in families or have limited supply of funds. I know we always have a budget. Make sure you know what celebs you’re going to see before hand, make a list and work out how much it’s going to cost you. Set an amount for merchandise and cakes (There’s always some sort of cake stall!). If you’re going for two days make sure you factor in how much you’re going to spend each day. If you work to your budget, you can still have fun!

There you have it, some major essentials needed to attend a comic convention and we stick by the list every time we visit one, it’s never done us wrong. If you have any essentials you just can’t live without when you attend a con please let us know in the comments. We’ve been going for three years and I’m sure to some people that’s a rookie number, so part some of your knowledge and wisdom on us!

I hope everyone loves a good convention, no matter what the reason is you go. I know some people love going to meet guests and others just want to cos play and show off to the world! Either way we can’t wait to see you all there! Oh and if you have a fitbit or anything similar don’t forget to wear it because you’ll be getting huge steps!

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 Essentials Needed At Every Comic Convention, EVER!


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