Collectormania 24 Comic Con Birmingham Comic Convention!

2017 was the year we decided that it was time to find out what Collectormania was all about. The Collectormania comic con was something we’d been looking at for a while but never had enough time or persuasion to go. The guests were always good but we waited for something great. After finding out Michael Shanks and Ming Na Wen was there, we booked right away!

Why Go To Collectormania?

Well we’ve only been once so we can only tell you what happened when we went there. I’ve split the Collectormania NEC into two days, the convention is held at the Birmingham NEC if you’re wondering and it’s huge! So I’m not sure why they didn’t just call it Birmingham Comic Con but either way it’s a great event.

Saturday At Collectormania

We arrived with an hour to spare which was perfect. You would think that an hour before the event was going to start that it would be quiet? Well the car park was filling fast and droves of people where already walking to the venue, the convention is held at the NEC in Birmingham. We decided that we wanted to see as many people on the Saturday so that we didn’t have three bags to carry around with us on Sunday as well; with all the box sets they where heavy!

First things first however we had pictures opportunities to sort out. Matthew got a picture with John Barrowman first thing, unfortunate but Michael Shanks was so busy I had to wait till the afternoon for mine! It meant we had loads of time however to have a look about and meet some amazing guests, I had a lot that I wanted signing after all!

Now I won’t be able to list every guest we decided to see as that would be impossible, I’ll give it a good try though! We decided to head on over and see Gemma Whelan, Dominic Portman and Kai owen. Gutted to say that we totally forgot to get a picture with Gemma, a little star struck maybe?

Finally it was time to get something to eat and drink. I mean the NEC can be rather hot when filled with thousands of people and standing around in queues for hours can make you hungry. They had a cafe and Subway in the venue, I have to admit everything was rather expensive so if you want to eat there you might be better off taking your own food. £2.50 for a bottle of water and £3.00 for a portion of chips…..

As you can see we had various tickets and had to wait around for some time just to see one guest. We managed to see everyone other than Julie Benz on the Saturday just because of all the waiting around, we got there when the doors opened at 9am and didn’t leave until 6pm so it was quite a day. I have to say my highlight of the day has to be meeting Michael Shanks and getting a photo with him! I am sure Matt’s was getting a photo with John Barrowman.

I have to say that everyone we met where awesome, at times it felt like they happened to be rushed so you didn’t get to have a chat with them which was a shame but it was epic to meet everyone! I loved meeting Charisma Carpenter so much I decided to book a photo with her for the Sunday! I would have loved to do a double photo with Matt and Ming-Na Wen but it was just too expensive at £45 each! The amount of cos players around though totally made up for it, I had to get a photo with as many as possible, because why not?

They might not be the most flattering pictures of me but I have to say they are amazing, if anyone knows who the people are then tag them! It might be a little difficult to identify the storm troopers but Xena and supermen are ace! I mean who doesn’t want to be sandwiched between two hunky supermen?

Silent Auction Collectormania

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t been to a showmasters comic con and want to, there is a thing called the silent auction. You basically have some amazing autographs or merchandise up for grabs, you fill out a form and get your own unique number to bid with. You can then find the piece of paper for the item you want and leave a bid, the bid has to go up by a minimum of £1 and it has to be in pounds not pence. If you get outbid just leave another. We managed to win an item on both days and I have to say it’s quite fun. If you have a limit however leave it till late and then put your bid down, then walk away as it can be highly addictive and you don’t want to waste money!

Sunday At Collectormania

So just like the Saturday we decided to arrive with time to spare, again a good idea as the car park was already starting to fill up. You have to remember as well that other events might be taking place at the NEC at the same time so it isn’t just comic con people filling that car park up. Alas when we arrived due to the latest attacks in London security was tight. We didn’t mind though, we had no problems with everyone having their bags searched, sniffer dogs and security everywhere; it made us feel a lot more safe and secure.

First on the agenda was to meet Julie Benz as we didn’t get a chance the day before as it was soooo busy! If you are planning on meeting a lot of guests I would recommend getting the weekend tickets, sure they cost more but it’s worth it. We didn’t have long to wait which was ace and Matt managed to get a sneaky picture, although she wasn’t caught off guard like when he took one of Charisma!

We finally had time to have a look about at the stalls, we had a quick look on the Saturday but wasn’t able to get much done as we wanted to see the guests more. We entered a few lucky dips, some a total rip off, one guy said the prizes where swords, sure key ring swords! Although we did win a Funko Pop and Paw Patrol mug on one lucky dip. I have to warn people though, if you are thinking about doing a mystery box, don’t. We got one each and I have to say with disappointment, they sucked! If you check out the video you will be able to see all the stalls a bit better and take a look at what they have to offer.

Of course prices are going to cost even more at conventions, that’s how it works. So if you see something you want keep a note of it and buy it online after, it will be cheaper and sometimes cheaper from the stall holders own website. Suggestion ~ I would recommend buying any Funko Pops or merchandise you want signed before the event online, if you try buying it at the convention it will either be sold out or cost double, if not triple!

They had some amazing stalls for artwork as well, unfortunate though we had ran out of cash at this point so I made sure I grabbed their cards and will in the future be getting some of their work! You will be able to see in the video the two stalls I am talking about though!

Our final port of call on the Sunday after my amazing Charisma photo was the silent auction! Of course as you saw above we won an item both days, I was over the moon and they will be no doubt framed! It was around 2pm when we left so as I said it is well worth getting tickets for both days!

Collectormania Extra Bits

If the Galloway Fudge company happen to be at the convention you attend make sure you get some of their fudge and marshmallows! We saw them in Brighton where we fell in love and purchased some yummy marshmallows this time round, I think last time it was a box or two full of fudge!

So there you have it! Two days packed with excitement. I would easily suggest to anyone to go to at least one convention in their life time, even if it is just for the experience. It isn’t just comic books these days, they have it all; even footballers! My one suggestion would be to make sure you save up before hand if you want to see a lot of guests, it can be expensive. We don’t go out drinking, we don’t smoke and we don’t spend money on designer clothes. We like to put our money into comic cons and traveling the world, there’s nothing wrong with that so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Did you go to collectormania this year? Who was your favourite guest and will you be attending next year as well?

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