Christmas Travel Gift Guide!

*Some products gifted for inclusion

Every year thousands of people across the UK are stumped when it comes to getting people Christmas gifts. If you have someone in your family that loves to travel, you’re going to love this list of amazing ideas on what you can get your loved ones for Christmas!

We travel all over the world and share our content with you. We also take gadgets with us everywhere we go. So take a look at some of the bits we take with us and maybe get inspired!

ARRAN Sense Of Scotland Travel Wash Bag

One thing we never forget is a travel wash bag. We take a lot of products with us when we’re on the move. We don’t really like using the bits the hotels leave out for us as we have our own preferred products. We have a varied selection of travel bags depending on our location and the size we need but one of our favourites has to be this ARRAN Sense of Scotland men’s wash bag.

It’s already packed in our case ready to go to Amsterdam with us. It’s got some ARRAN soap in there as well for when we’re on the move, I hate the little circle ones you get in the hotel bathrooms. Take a look at the amazing wash bag that we use below and maybe go get your own or some of the other amazing ARRAN Sense of Scotland products!

ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Contigo Travel Mugs

It doesn’t matter where we go, we always need to drink and that’s the same for everyone. These Contigo travel mugs are perfect for when you or someone you know is on the go! I’ve tried a few out personally and can’t get enough of them. We take our bottles away with us and they’re always filled with water.

The Contigo flasks are used for tea and coffee before work and university and you can bet they’re a godsend! They have never leaked, are super easy to use and are made really well. If you know someone who travels, this is the gift to get them!

Absolutely Bear Cedar Canvas Backpack

No matter where we travel we always need a handy bag. With this Absolutely bear canvas backpack we always have somewhere to carry our essentials when we’re on the go. It’s spacious, secure and lightweight. It also looks amazing. If you know someone who needs a new bag or carries way too much with them, you must get them this bag!

Moleskine Classic Notebooks

Louis loves to write, he’s doing a writing fiction masters degree at university. Everywhere he goes he carries a notebook and jots down ideas for new stories. We both also love to make a note of where we have been and what we’ve seen.

If you love to travel and take notes, you need a Moleskine notebook. Or if you know someone who loves to do the exact same thing, they should have a classic notebook right? Get them one, they have a range of colours. The quality is superb and they make great little stocking fillers as well! You can bet we’ll be using our in Amsterdam this Christmas!

Outside In Reading

Most of the time we like to get the train but it takes longer. We also fly when it’s a shorter and cheaper commute and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to watch a film and relax. That’s why we love to read and one thing we are promoting this year is the short book Outside In.

This book of 20 short poems explores the world in a whole new light. Emotion and thought-provoking text scream from the page and it’s just such an interesting read! I’d suggest you get this for anyone who has short commutes or shorter travel times!

Powerstation Mini Portable Power Bank (Fabric)

I don’t know about you but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been out on my travels and I’ve run out of charge on my phone! It does my head in and totally ruins the day. I’ve used power banks in the past and they’ve been dreadful, which is why I’m excited to talk about one that I actually like.

This trendy and powerful power bank works really well. If you love to travel or know someone who is always out and about. This would be the best Christmas gift you can get them. It’s a fair price considering the amount of use it gets and it looks pretty stylish as well. You have an option of three colours and I can’t stress enough how great it is! Go get one for yourself and a loved one!