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Have you check us out on YouTube? I hope the answer is yes, if it isn’t let me tell you why! At the moment we have some amazing content, for example our fun time at Wales Comic Con meeting some of our favourite stars OR maybe the Bournemouth university talbot campus tour Louis put together? Either way you’re bound to find something that you want to watch and fall in love with!

Sure we have a load of videos on there already but our YouTube would be nothing without you all, so make sure you’re subscribed because you won’t want to miss out on some funny and exciting content; would you? We also want some feedback, leave a comment on YouTube or on here and let us know what you loved and what you want to see more of; after all we want to learn!

I’m excited to say that 2018 will bring some exciting new Bournemouth based content as well, we will be drawing from our roots, going outside and showing you what our home town actually has to offer. Most of the time people ignore what’s on their doorstep, missing exciting wonders which is a huge shame!

So if you haven’t got the picture already you need to head on over to our YouTube and hit that subscribe button, you don’t want to miss out after all! If you hit that bell notification people talk about so much you’ll get updates when we actually upload and maybe be our first viewer, you can leave on of them comments people do “First comment” or “I was here first!” just no marriage proposals please!!

That’s all from this cubtastic service announcement, let us know in the comments what content you want to see and while you’re here go follow us on Instagram where Louis loves to show off his photography skills, well they’re getting better anyway and you can give them all a like to lift his spirits!

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