Amsterdam Corner House restaurant

Café Hotel Corner House Amsterdam Review

While in Amsterdam we’re always looking for new places to eat and especially where to get a burger in Amsterdam. We love burgers and we visit all the burger bars Amsterdam has to offer that’s for sure. We came across the corner house Amsterdam and decided we’d take a look and see if it was any good. Take a look at our the corner house review and see what we thought.

We found the corner house by chance and didn’t plan to go there. I really fancied a burger and saw that they did them and at a reasonable price which was great. The corner house would be a great brunch Amsterdam place as well if you’re looking for brunch in Amsterdam.

The corner house Amsterdam is easy to get to, take a look at the location below and find your way there. Café Hotel Corner House location. Upon writing this post we had no idea that the Café Hotel Corner House hotel was actually a hotel! We can’t comment on the hotel side of the establishment as we didn’t stay there but we can say it’s in a great location.

Amsterdam Corner House restaurant

Café Hotel Corner House Restaurant

The corner house restaurant is quite big, it could easily fit between 50-80 people with the number of tables. It kind of reminds up of a quaint little English pub in the middle of Amsterdam. Don’t be fooled though, it’s still very dutch and isn’t like Benidorm where the English have taken over and ruined everything.

The restaurant is big, that being said it was rather cold. We were sat next to a radiator and it was still cold so that put us off a little. If you’re going and you have a hoodie with you, you probably won’t be taking it off. I will say we visited in the winter and not the summer so it will obviously be warmer in the summer months.

As an Amsterdam restaurant, it’s one of the best we’ve stopped at to get a nice, classic Amsterdam burger. The staff are super friendly, well the manager was a little rude but the wait staff were attentive and answered any questions we had. Louis likes his burgers pretty much burnt and they were happy to try.

The Corner House Food

They had a very large menu to pick from. You could get all sorts there however we were looking for a burger bar Amsterdam central so we obviously went for the burger option. You can also get dishes like lasagne, fish and chips and more so you’re really spoilt for choice!

We ordered two BBQ burgers, they were really nice. We did ask for them pretty much burnt as again Louis likes his meat well done. It was a little pink in places but tolerable. That being said, if you like your meat fully cooked and no pink, make sure you stress that it needs to be cooked longer or ask them to cook it again. If you’re paying, you want it your way.

They do a variety of side dishes as well although we didn’t get any. The burgers were rather large on their own. Plus they don’t make you pay additional for chips which it seems other restaurants do!

Corner House Amsterdam Burger Restaurant

The Corner House Food Prices

Unlike other places, the corner house food prices aren’t that bad. Sure everything has increased in price after covid but if you look around you’ll find that eating out doesn’t have to be expensive. We ordered two rather large burgers and two large drinks and it cost us €46 in total which isn’t that bad.

The BBQ burgers were €16.50 each so they were on the more expensive side although they were totally worth it. The drinks were a little on the pricey side as well, €6.50 for a large drink, and we had a Fanta and a Coke Zero. So in total for two large drinks and two massive burgers with chips included it cost us €46. It’s not the cheapest of places but if you can afford the cost, it’s worth a visit. That’s why it’s one of our favourite Amsterdam burger restaurants.

I would also like to point out that tips aren’t included in the bill so if you want to tip, you can do after. We tip most places although found with the increased costs of eating out over Amsterdam, we just weren’t able to this time. Thankfully it’s the EU so people get a decent wage, unlike the USA who live off tips.

Café Hotel Corner House Amsterdam Review

Overall, we’d recommend giving the corner house Amsterdam a visit. The food is some of the best quality that we’ve had in Amsterdam and at a reasonable, average price for Amsterdam restaurants. It’s a quaint little Amsterdam restaurant, near to the main hustle and bustle but just far away enough so there’s not a huge amount of noise or weed smells.

We’ve tried out a few Amsterdam burger restaurants that’s for sure. Although the corner house hotel isn’t a burger bar Amsterdam has to offer, it comes close to it with their mouthwatering burgers! So this is totally in our top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer list!

Hopefully, you found this corner house Amsterdam restaurant review helpful. If you’ve eaten there, let us know what you think and if you haven’t we totally suggest you try it out soon.