Toby carvery cooper dean restaurant front. Toby Cavery Cooper Dean Pub Restaurant Review

Bournemouth Toby Carvery Cooper Dean Restaurant Review

We’ve had one of them dining vouchers on the shelves for ages now and thought it was about time we used it up. We’ve been to the cooper dean cavery before but only for lunch during a weekday so this was a whole new experience. We ended up going for dinner on a Friday around 6:40pm and wanted to let people know what we thought!


The location is a bit of an odd one if I’m honest, it’s out of the way and right next to a hospital so not where you’d expect to get a decent meal, I can guarantee it’s better than hospital food though that’s for sure!

If you’re looking for a toby carvery Bournemouth this is one you have to try. The location might be out there but it means it doesn’t get crowded and really busy even on a Friday night which is great, plus if you’re visiting anyone in the Bournemouth hospital you can visit outside visiting areas.


Everyone wants to know about the food when they visit a carvery and of course we got the carvery because you really can’t visit a tobey carvery without getting one. We decided to go for an king size carvery because you get a little bit more, I’ll go into that later. I want to point out that the tobey carvery Bournemouth have very nice food and there’s always food at the carvery station which was great as we wern’t waiting around for food to come out.

King Size Toby Carvery

The toby carvery is only £7.99 which is a great deal for a roast. However you can get a king size tobey carvery for only £1.75 more. The king size toby carvery gives you extra meat, an extra yorkshire pudding and two chipolata sausages. If you think about it £9.74 for an extra large tobey carvery is hardly anything and with unlimited redfil drinks you’re looking at £14 per person, which is a great price and a cheap night out.

King Size Toby Carvery Toby Cavery Cooper Dean Pub Restaurant Review

Unlimited Toby Carvery Drinks

Whenever we go to a place like a toby carvery we get the unlimited drinks. We normally have 4 or 5 drinks whenever we have a meal and if we purchased them without the refil drinks you’re looking at at least £15 for the drinks which is a mental price, I’d always advise getting the toby carvery unlimited drinks if you’re visiting.

Toby Carvery Take Away

The toby carvery also has a new take away option where you can have food delivered. Of course we haven’t tried this so we can’t comment, however it seems like a handy idea if you don’t want the traditional roast carvery.

Toby Carvery Starters

We decided to get some starters although I have to admit they wern’t amazing. I had BBQ chicken and the other half had chilli cheese parcels. They were okay but I don’t think we’d order them again and we’d rather just stick to the carvery in future.

Toby carvery cooper dean starters. Toby Cavery Cooper Dean Pub Restaurant Review

Toby Carvery Facilities

Disabled Access

There is limited disabled access in the carvery, we found that most places wouldn’t fit a wheelchair although if you’re using a crutch you shouldn’t have much of an issue. There is a disabled toilet big enough for a wheelchair user although it would be very difficult to get there.


There is loads of parking outside the toby carvery cooper dean restaurant, the parking is 100% free if you’re using the restaurant and there is a computer you use when you’re waiting for a table to enter your registration so that they know you’re using the restaurant.


There is a disabled toilet in the restaurant big enough for a wheelchair user, however I found it to be rather dirty and not stocked up enough. When we went the mens toilet were closed which meant the men had to use the disabled toilets, of course we can’t comment for the ladies toilets. I felt the toilets really let the restaurant down.

Toby Carvery Restaurant

Customer Service

I have to say the toby carvery cooper dean restaurant has some really good staff working there. A couple looked a bit bored and didn’t want to know but the server we had (Owen) was amazing, really helpful and made sure everything was good throughout the meal. The carvery chefs were really friendly and made sure we got everything we needed, topping up the food often as well, I was worried they’d run out of roasties!!


We’d happily go again, we found the carvery to be really tasty and a cheap price which you can’t argue with. The staff were helpful and we got to pick where we wanted to sit without an issue. The restaurant is total worth 4 cub paws out of 5 that’s for sure. The toilets need a good clean and need to be checked on and stocked up more often. It’s a really nice Bournemouth toby carvery and I can’t wait to go back. Check out our Bear Kitchen Wakefield Restaurant Review: Burger Trail 1 and make sure you visit when you’re in Wakefield next!

Toby Cavery Cooper Dean Pub Restaurant Review

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