Bournemouth In March, Weather Mad!

Bournemouth In March, Weather Mad!

I won’t deny that the whole of the UK has been put through some crazy weather this month! I fancy talking about the adverse weather we’ve had in Bournemouth though, it’s even crazier because we’re right next to a huge beach so really we should just be getting sunshine. The weather has been far from sunny though!

In The Beginning….

As everyone will know the start of the month was rough, for the whole UK. We didn’t expect to actually get any snow down south though. It’s not something that happens and I swear in the last five years this is the first time we’ve actually had snow and especially at this level. On the first day it was just a little flurry, no one expected it to actually settle. On day two, everything came to a standstill! Cars abandoned on the side of the road, roads closed and buildings emptied from employees.

By the third day Bournemouth had shut down, people only ventured out by foot. No one dare drive. Snow turned to ice, people snuggled up in their houses hoping that the snow would vanish. Snowball fights had lost novelty, the cupboards dry and worst of all mothers across the south coast had ran out of wine! The south couldn’t cope!

Thankfully the snow soon cleared up! A few days later however the UK got another surge of snow. Immediately the whole of Bournemouth rushed to any shop they could get to, filling up their entire car with anything they could grab! Thankfully the snow didn’t settle, households everywhere had a lot of bread and milk to use though!

We’re half way through….

This is where it got weird. The snow had gone, for how long we will never know! The sun suddenly came out, bursting through the clouds like a knight in shining amour. People rejoiced and headed for the beach. Buckets and spades sold out within minutes and children laughed while parents relaxed. Picnics were made all over Bournemouth from the surplus of bread that filled the kitchen!

People prayed that the sun would last, had spring finally arrived and was it here to stay? No one knew, the days in which it lasted were the best Bournemouth had experienced in so long, global warming can suck it they thought….

Bournemouth Beach

The Flooded End!

The end was near, the end of the month that was. The flood had started. Once the rain started coming down beaches were left empty, mothers stocked up on wine once again and children went back to the comfort of the television. Rain had filled the sky. No one could have seen it coming, was this the end of spring? Had the weather finally turned? Is humanity too passed it to have sun, was this punishment for Theresa and Trump? One thing was for sure, car cleaners were going to have a slow month, umbrella sales were about to sore and the heating was about to be turned back on high for the second time this month.

rain rain

Bournemouth has been through a tough time this March! I’m sure the whole UK has as well! I really want to know what the weather has been like in your sector? Have you been able to cope, did you stock up on wine in time or did you end up pulling your hair out and praying for the sun? I’d also love to know if you think there’s going to be more snow throughout April as is predicted or is that enough for one year? If you feel up to it tag me in one of your weather pictures on social media, all the links are below.

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