One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that finding a decent bootsale can be tough. So I’ve made a little list of the ones you’re going to be able to find in Bournemouth. Now this list won’t have any jumble sales on it because as far as I can tell there are no regular ones in Bournemouth and they seem to pop up whenever they feel like it, sad but true.

The thing you need to know is there happen to be a few bootsales, yet only a couple of them are worth venturing out to on a cold morning. So I’ve picked the best two in Bournemouth for you to take a look at, ones we visit every year.

1, Ashley Heath

Ashley heat is one of the largest bootsales in Bournemouth, they normally have two fields open and a lot of parking. I’m afraid down south the prices are a little steep but you might be able to find a couple of bargains hidden away. It has to be said that Ashley Heath has more traders than other bootsales but if you fancy buying eggs in bulk this is the place to do it.

The bootsale is run well, the only thing I don’t like is that buyers and sellers go in at the same time which is around 7am. There’s no set time for either and that means everything might be gone by the time you leave. I will say it starts getting busy around 8-9am and that’s when both fields are open. If you’re going to be selling all the information and prices are on the website although they should really have a price for vans and not state the price is going to be on the day.

All in all it’s a pretty decent bootsale and if you’re early enough you’ve enough time to get in and out so you can check out the second bootsale like we do. Ashley Heath runs almost all year round, for more information on that though check out their Facebook page.

2, Canford Magna

Now this bootsale has to be by far the biggest I’ve been to in Bournemouth and the best. If you’re looking at visiting this one you will need a good few hours and it’s only £1 to get in. Unlike Ashley Heath that starts at 7am this one starts at 9:30am for sellers and 11am for buyers! Which means like I said you have enough time to visit Ashley Heath and then skip over to Canford and do another one, if you’re not too tired and you fancy bargain hunting like we do!

The prices aren’t as bad as Ashley Heath in my experience and the toilets are far better; which means a lot when you’re there a good few hours! The market stalls are less although that might be because it’s so much bigger? There’s always a cake man and a fruit stall that sell the most amazing slushies though, amazing in the summer when you’re sweating and carrying bags to and from the car!

If you can’t tell, Canford Magna is my favourite by far. The only draw back to this amazing bootsale is that it doesn’t start till mid April. Probably because the ground is too wet or they aren’t able to rent it out yet, it goes on till around August but might be rained off time to time, whereas Ashley Heath is a little more sturdy!

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by this amazing post and you have no idea how you’re going to carry so much amazing stuff around, think about investing in a granny trolley? I’ve thought about it many times but highly doubt it would suit me, yet it seems to be all the range when bootsale season hits!

There you have it, the two best bootsales in Bournemouth. There are other ones, smaller and not really worth the mention yet. I could be wrong and totally missing a gem bootsale somewhere so if I am please let me know! I find that bootsales are a lot cheaper than  charity shops these days and more fun. I mean who doesn’t like exercising while bargain hunting. You hardly even notice all the calories you’re burning!!

Every year I see people saying they can’t wait till bootsale season, we are the same. If you live in Bournemouth or you’re visiting I hope this little guide helped. Check out their websites for more details and locations and I hope you’re able to find a bargain. Don’t forget to dig through them boxes and be cheeky and haggle.

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