Boredom Buster Activities For Families On Holiday

Worried about getting bored on holiday? It’s not uncommon! Because we all know kids can get bored on holiday, but so many people tend to forget that adults can as well. Indeed, the whole family can feel like the trip drags on too long! 

Which is why it’s so important to include some boredom busters on the itinerary, as well as in your suitcase. A good family holiday has a little something for everyone, but most of all, it ensures you can bond over good memories with the ones you love. 

Buy Beach Toys and Accessories

If you’re a family who likes to spend a lot of time on the beach, make sure you take plenty of things to do. It’s quite boring to lay around trying to get a tan for hours on end, both as an adult and for kids, and you’ll need to break up the humdrum of this kind of sunny afternoon! So pack buckets and spades, sporty items, and inflatables to go in the water, as well as plenty of food to snack on if you’re not one for buying from street vendors or various ice cream vans. 

Take a Train Somewhere Beautiful

Kids love getting on a train, especially an older model that still uses a steam engine. With that in mind, why not try taking a train when you’re next on holiday? You don’t even need to do the bulk of the travelling this way; you can book in for a short leg on a spirit of queensland train and see some amazing sights you wouldn’t otherwise get to. The kids will love being exposed to all the new wildlife, as well as the novelty of travelling in such an ‘old fashioned’ way, and as an adult you’re sure to love the experience as well. It’s a great find for all ages! 

Look Up Free Events Beforehand

It’s hard to pack a holiday with things to do when you’re on a budget. And in the UK at the moment, that’s all of us! So you’ll need to find some free things to do, such as open air festivals, galleries and museums, and parks and forests. You can get out there and really explore a new city with just the price of the bus fare in your back pocket, but that’ll be hard if you’re going in blind! Look it up beforehand and get a ‘map’ to follow. 

Play Games in Your Accommodation

It’s not all about getting out there and trying out new things. Sometimes you just need to head back to your hotel, hostel, campsite, or AirBnB and just crash for a bit. Take time to recuperate, but make sure you’ve got something to do whilst you’re in there. A tablet for Netflix, or board games to try – just something you can all enjoy without the pressure of impressing everyone with the idea! 

Family holidays don’t have to drag on. Bust the boredom with fun ideas like these.