BlogOn, this year know as BlogOnX. A very special 10 year anniversary and a magnificent display that really showed they knew what was going down. I’m going to find it difficult to write this post without using huge words like magnificent, amazing, terrific and outstanding. I’ll try and keep the enthusiasm under wraps but if you’re ever thinking about going, don’t even hesitate.

A little background?

If you have no idea what blogon is, listen carefully. The amazing blogon conference is one of the best places in the UK for fellow bloggers to get together and have a bloody good catch up. It’s so much more than that though, if you’re looking to meet new brands, make some PR contacts and win some amazing prizes in some fantastic raffles then this really is the place for you.

Not to mention the amazing cake that appears every year, this year sponsored by Varta I heard it looked amazing although was unable to get there for a picture before it was cut into pieces and handed out to waiting onlookers! If cake wasn’t enough to get you in the mood, the brownies that are given out with lunch are also exquisite and there’s always enough alcohol to go around!

To it’s core though blogon is an amazing place to meet like minded people, learn a great deal that will help you slingshot your blog and gain them much needed views and puts you in front of brands that you’d never have thought possible! We ended up face to face with Spicentice, an amazing revolutionary brand the food industry has been waiting for and the epic Snopake, a brand that are almost as passionate about stationary than we are!

Snopake Brand

It’s simple, whatever your reason for attending; you’re going to have an epic time and leave with so many memories that you’ll be counting down the days until the next one!

Nerves or what though?

Oh My God!! The first time we attended I could hardly talk. I couldn’t approach any other bloggers without my heart beating out my chest. I didn’t think that brands would want anything to do with me and I was too nervous to even get food as I thought people would judge! After all of that, I’m so glad I took the plunge, it was obviously better with Matthew by my side but if I hadn’t have attended that first event in 2017 I would have regretted it forever!

Let’s set the record straight. I heard loads of horror stories, I’m not too sure why. I see people freak out and Facebook posts about people not wanting to go because they’re so nervous or they won’t know anyone. Don’t worry about it, that’s easier said than done I know but really everyone is amazing. Most bloggers are friendly, approachable and are happy to chat as they’ve been in the same position themselves. Brands love chatting, you might not even fit with their niche but they’ll still say hello and you can always just big them up or just practice your sales pitch before hitting the brands you LOVE!

Sure some horror stories have a little consistency to them, we’re talking around 1% though! IF you’re really freaking out and shaking with nerves then get there the day before and get a hotel room. You can always stay at the hotel football like we do. Take a look around, take in your surroundings and then attend the pre-launch party. There’s normally a little free booze so you can have a drink and mingle! Try and not worry though, you’ll be fine; just remember deodorant because the hotel was boiling this time round! Not to mention there are normally a few games chucked in where everyone can take part! The pre launch is so much fun as well, I mean even more so when pictures like this surface right?!

Louis Monkey Face Paladone Games

But what do I get?!

Good question, tickets are around £50, we spent £208 on the hotel this year and did a 6 hour drive from Bournemouth to Manchester!! That’s a lot when you take it all into account, with extras you’re talking £500 and I know we’re not the only ones that have paid near that amount. It does suck when you live so far down south though and everything is so up north! The same question though, if we for example are going to be spending that money to attend, why is it even worth it?!

This year the amazing Laura, founder of blogon gave us a rough estimate of the goodie bags each attendant gets at the end of the day. This year everyone was looking at an average of £191 per bag!! There’s two of us so that’s £382 so you’re already clawing that money back. That being said not everything in the bag is going to appeal to you and in a world where money is in charge people want more.

Friendship, memories and a good time is something that personally I can’t put a price on. I’ve met so many amazing friends though Blogon, got a little tipsy and had a right laugh! The memories and good times are worth more than what we paid and then some! There’s more though so don’t worry your pretty little self!

You’re making PR connections, working with new brands and getting some ace products to review on your shiny website!! Instead of sitting behind a computer for a couple of weeks and waiting for email replies, you’re able to sell yourself face to face; YASS!! Oh and did I even mention the sessions? You’re able to attend hour sessions that range from learning to master Pinterest all the way to YouTube video editing. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained from these sessions is unreal and I’ve put so much into practice! Check out these goodies I got from brands to review.

Products to review from brands

Bottom line, the money is worth it and the tickets I’d have to say are probably a little cheap!

So overall?

I’m not too sure what’s actually left to cover? It’s great meeting and making new friends, the cake and food happen to be amazing and the brands are easily approachable and great fun to chat with; not to mention the amazing sessions that are available throughout the day! Are there any downsides? Not really.

At the same time, if you’re a general blogger and you don’t really focus on toys then the May event if perfect for you as there’s a whole range of brands you can chat with. If you’re a parent blogger and you deal with toys a lot for reviews, competitions and whatever then the September one is for you! In September almost all the brands are toys and you’ll have loads to chat and hopefully work with!

The day is run really well, people are so helpful and will let you know what you’re doing and the raffle at the end is super exciting because there are always loads of prizes and you might just have that winning ticket! At the same time my one concern while writing this post was, do I have enough pictures because I was having so much fun I hardly took any!!


If you’re thinking about going and you’re on the face just do it! Make sure you get in early for the tickets and have a blast. You won’t regret it and it’s well worth the money in exchange for everything you get out of it. Sure some bloggers can be a little bitchy but then again there’s always someone. Make some exciting friends and you’ll soon be hooked and waiting for the next event!

A big thank you to Laura who’s in charge and her amazing team that make the event possible and so worth it! I can’t wait till our next adventure to blogon! I’ve probably forgotten to put a load of information in here, even with almost 2 thousand words I can’t describe how amazing blogon is, how I’ve never had any issues and how great the community fund is! I rest my case and just beg you to try it for yourself, begging; how attractive ha!



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