Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Review....

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Review….

While away in Birmingham this year I decided to check out the Birmingham museum and art gallery. I was really looking forward to it after hearing only good things! I would also like to say that it’s free to enter so it’s perfect for summer holidays, something we found when we went during half term! I would however like to say that if you do go there’s a donations box at the start and it’s always nice to drop whatever you can in there.

When you first walk into the gallery it’s amazing! Breathtaking if you’ve never been there yourself and so much to look at. The first room I have to say I loved, filled with amazing art work and if you didn’t know; I love art. The art here was shockingly great though, I’d love to have half of it hanging in my house but I don’t have a few million to afford it all!

I have to say the gallery has so much to offer it would be impossible to talk about it all in the whole post. There are so many fancy pictures, pieces from ancient roman times, medieval torture and so much more. I found that there was something for everyone, no matter your taste. Of course you might want to skip over some bits of the museum but for the best part you’re going to be interested. I mean they had some fancy dinner trays back in the day that’s for sure!!

Ancient Dinner Tray

I would also like to point out that the museum had a very disappointing LGBT section when I visited, I’m not sure if it was a permanent fixture. It was called Coming Out. I’m afraid to say that all the data on my memory card in this part of the museum was corrupted so you’re not going to be able to see that but I will explain what I saw.

I found the whole exhibit to be stereotypical and sex related, which isn’t what LGBT was about. They had the image of a “bear” totally wrong, a skinny guy with a little hair is not a bear, more of an otter! Also I felt no passion while I walked around, no fight, energy or spirit. Which is what the LGBT movement has been about, fighting for equal rights and the end to countless years of prosecution. I just didn’t feel it when I was walking around, it was a total let down. At the same time I feel like someone from the museum should have been walking about to ensure everything was okay, we went into a video about someone and a straight couple happened to be making out and getting very happy, we left fast! Below is the only photo I could recover from the exhibit, a sex vegetable….

Sex vegetable

So there you have it, y very frank and honest review! The museum part was amazing and I love looking at everything they had to offer. It’s just a shame that the LGBT section didn’t show the passion and fight that the LGBT community had to go through and it looks like it was made by people who have no clue and haven’t been through the struggles that come attached. If you fancy a little watch of what I could recover through my memory card then please check out the video below, maybe subscribe to our brand new YouTube channel and leave a lovely comment?

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