Big Shots Amsterdam

Big Shots Amsterdam Restaurant Review

We’ve visited Amsterdam a few times now and we always try to eat out whenever we can. One of the places we loved to frequent before was called Famous Burger which you may have seen us write about. Now, however, they’ve changed their name to Big Shots, they said a total rebrand but we wanted to see if it was still worth all the fuss we’ve given it in the past. Upon further investigation, we found that there were a few Big Shots Amsterdam locations so maybe they got brought out instead.

Below you can see where the Big Shots are located. Next to the restaurant part of the business is the big shots bar, so if you’re looking for food and not a heavy drink, try not to get them confused. As we said before, Famous Burger was one of our all time favourite Amsterdam restaurants so we had high hopes.

Big Shots Amsterdam Restaurant Area

Big Shots is in one of the areas in Amsterdam where you can get some amazing Amsterdam food at Amsterdam restaurants. The first impression was great, the staff are super friendly and the hospitality is on point. The restaurant was kept clean and tidy and there was nothing offputting that we could see.

The toilets could do with a better clean now and again, there’s also a shopping trolley in the toilet waiting area, normally filled with rubbish. The toilets are only for customers of course so if you’re looking to just drop by for the toilet, think again. Overall I’d say the place is pretty clean, considering you don’t have to eat in the toilet area.

Amsterdam Restaurant Big Shots Prices

So, when this restaurant was Famous Burger the prices were well worth it and it was one of the best restaurants Amsterdam had to offer in our opinion. A hidden gem if you will. However, things have changed and I’m afraid they’ve not changed for the better.

Despite the staff telling us that they were one of the cheapest places to eat in Amsterdam, that isn’t true. This is not a cheap Amsterdam restaurant and it’s one of the most expensive we went to on our trip. We probably ate out around 22 times between 16th December – 2nd January so that’s saying something.

The total price for two burgers, two drinks and some onion rings came to €46.40, whereas we’ve eaten out at other places for a lot less. If you’re looking for a cheap Amsterdam restaurant, this isn’t it. I’d say it’s between cheap and expensive.

Amsterdam Big Shots Restaurant Food Quality

Now, this is where it really sucks. We loved Famous Burger but don’t really have anything nice to say about their rebrand or the food they’re serving. We ordered a chicken burger and a double beef burger. The chicken burger was really dry and tough to eat. The double beef burger was very, very poor quality. Some people might get this reference, some might not. The beef burger was like a bootsale burger or a burger from a can. No surprise to say it wasn’t all finished.

The side of onion rings however was very nice and we can’t really fault that at all. So I guess if you’re looking for onion rings, you should go to Big Shots Amsterdam. This isn’t the best burger bar Amsterdam has to offer but you can get a burger there.

Big Shots Amsterdam Review

The place is slipping, down an icy hill and fast. It’s a shame as the staff are lovely but the food lets it down and due to the food quality, well, it’s not worth it. There are loads of other places to eat in Amsterdam and maybe check out some of them first.

Amsterdam food is very much like British food. There are all types of Amsterdam restaurants with different cultures to each. Take a look before you settle for one place, checked reviews like this one but also from others as well and on Tripadvisor to see what others are saying.

We hope you found this Amsterdam restaurant review helpful. We have loads of other helpful Amsterdam posts on this website so go take a look!