Bangkok Taxis, Scams to look out for.

While in Bangkok we had to use a few taxis and at the start of the holiday this wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t till a few days in when we went to safari world when we had an issue. So we went to Safari world for the day and got the hotel to book us a taxi as you do, saves time and hassle.

We took the highway to the safari park, toll charges were 100baht on the way there which was a shock as we didn’t know about them! The taxi altogether cost us 400baht, we tipped around 20baht. We paid, got out and the driver drove away, as you would expect?

Well after spending a good few hours in the park went left, the same taxi driver was there which we thought was weird but great timing. We got the highway back which this time the toll work out 150baht and with traffic it cost us 500baht with a 40baht tip by the time we got to the hotel.

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The scam!!

Now this is the part that really stumped us. After we paid the taxi driver he started shouting at us  even tried pulling us back in the taxi! Our first thoughts that popped into our minds, “was the tip insulting?” After all we got told that you shouldn’t really tip taxi drivers. Thankfully we had the concierge step in and handle it for us as we swiftly left for our room, I was a little shaken I must admit.

The taxi driver, even though we saw him drive away and leave the park tried saying that he’d waited 3 hours for us to leave the park. He tried saying that we asked him to wait and that we owed him thousands of baht! We didn’t find out how much but I’d hate to imagine! After a quick chat with the reception later on we found out that taxi drivers are always trying to fleece tourists out as much money as possible and this is one of the tricks they use.

I can imagine someone worse than, me shaken up without a partner and concierge ending up forking thousands of baht to a scamming taxi driver. Tip make sure the taxi always put the meter on when you get in, some will try charging you hundreds when it could have cost a fraction of the price. If they don’t want to put it on they are probably trying to scam you and I’d leave the taxi!

I must admit after this incident we decided to try and not use taxis if we could help it. We mainly used the BTS, it’s much easier to use and you can save hundreds of baht if you’re going to be busy throughout the day!


Be careful when you get a taxi. You’re going to be better off if you had a hotel that helps you out and if you want to save money check out the BTS! Stay safe and have fun! Never agree a price and stick that meter on. Oh and you have to pay the toll yourself in any taxi you take so if you want to avoid that cost tell the driver no highway!

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