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Amsterdam Tulip Museum Review

While staying in Amsterdam we wanted to take a look at the different Amsterdam museums, big and small. We found out about the Amsterdam tulip museum and decided to give it a visit. We were able to get in for free thanks to our iamsterdam cards free access pass, we’d highly advise getting them due to the amount of places you can use it. If you’re looking for a unique little Amsterdam museum this is the one for you, we had a great time!

Amsterdam Tulip Museum Location

The location of the museum is out of the initial tourist area, it’s also right next to the Amsterdam cheese museum and Amsterdam cow museum so you can make a day of it and visit all three, taking your time and enjoying them. These three are some of the best museums in Amsterdam, the best small museums in Amsterdam anyway. They’re surrounded by nice little cafes and the canal which everyone knows are great Amsterdam picture oppertunities.

The Exhibit

The tulip museum goes over the history of tulips, exploring the origins of the first tulips in Amsterdam and how they came to be one of the most popular flowers in the world. You will discover how tulips have shaped many ways of life, especially royality. Finally you’ll be able to see the process used to harvest the tulips. Amsterdam tulips are the pride and joy of Amsterdam and it’s great to see the history behind them all. They even have a VR headset for you to really dive into the tulip world.

Tulip Museum Admission Prices

The standard entrance fee to the museum is €5.00. Families of three or more pay €15.00. Students pay €3.00 each. These are the tulip museum prices, you can get in for free with your iamsterdam cards as well.

Tulip Museum Opening Times

The Amsterdam museum opening times are great they are open daily from 10am-6pm. Based on our time if you’re wonder how long the Amsterdam tulip museum will take I’d say half hour, giving you time to browse the gift shop after and also visit the cheese museum at the same time.

Tulip Museum Facilities

This museum doesn’t have any toilets that I could see, the tulip museum disabled access isn’t great either. You won’t be able to get around this museum if you’re in a wheelchair and there are also steep stairs so if you have trouble walking you might need to give this museum a miss.


For an Amsterdam museum it’s really nice but rather small. The big museums in the museum quarter take you the best part of a day or at least a couple of hours whereas you’re done in half an hour with this one. I think that it’s a nice little break during the day or something nice to do before or after lunch. It’s not a bad price and you get so much history as well. We got some baulbs in the gift shop, the gift shop prices are pretty standard although some pieces are a little on the expensive side. If you’ve visited let us know what you thought of the place in the comments!

Amsterdam Tulip Museum Review