Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma

Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma Review – La Roma Amsterdam Review

There are loads of Amsterdam restaurants where you can get good food, thankfully we tried a few so we could talk about the best of the best. We’ve also found some terrible places to eat in Amsterdam and told you about them so hopefully, you’ll be well equipped to avoid them! La Roma Amsterdam however is a fantastic place to eat and here’s why!

We found La Roma Amsterdam on our first night in Amsterdam. We had just gotten to the apartment and needed food before getting a good night’s sleep. We jumped onto Google Maps and found Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma within walking distance and decided to give it a go, we’re glad we did. In total we ate here twice over our trip, it would have been three times but they were closed on the third.

Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma Review

La Roma pizzeria is slightly out of Amsterdam, in a quieter part of the city, which is great. It’s not too busy but does get full at dinner time and the customer service was amazing. It’s a charming little restaurant that we suggest you totally go and visit. There are several hotels in the area, including the Wittenberg where we stayed so you may find yourself in the area.

The pizzeria steakhouse La Roma has a rustic charm to it but don’t worry, they have electricity. You won’t need to book a table but we do suggest not sitting right next to the door as you can imagine, it gets breezy.

Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma Food

If you’re looking for pizza in Amsterdam we’d suggest La Roma for sure. Their menu is packed with pizza, calzone and even some pasta if you’re looking for a nice Italian dish that isn’t pizza. There are loads of Amsterdam Pizzerias in the city so it’s important to do your research and make sure you pick a good one, personally out of all the ones we’ve tried La Roma has to be in our top three.

The first time we ate there we had a calzone each. The second time I had pizza and Matt had pasta which were both amazing. I asked for chicken to be put on my pizza and they had no issues with doing so, so you’ll be fine if you have any changes that you’ll want to make.

Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma Prices

So with the rising costs in Amsterdam, we didn’t eat out as often as we normally would. La Roma Amsterdam prices however were average for Amsterdam and overall the restaurants that we’d eaten at, which is why we decided to go back more than once. It also depends on what you get, the calzone was obviously more expensive than a pizza so make sure you have a budget.

If you’re looking for affordable Amsterdam pizza, check out La Roma. There are loads of pizzerias in Amsterdam and the closer you get to the city centre, the more expensive they become. If you’re doing Amsterdam on a budget, think about a little walk to the outskirts of the city and save yourself some euros. La Roma is for sure a cheap restaurant in Amsterdam and goes into our list of best restaurants Amsterdam has to offer.

La Roma Amsterdam Restaurant Review

Overall we loved the Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma restaurant. It was close to where we stayed, the staff were really nice, the food was top quality and all at affordable prices. The atmosphere was really nice within the pizzeria and the place would be great for anyone, families, couples or solo.