Amsterdam ice village ice rink museumplein

Amsterdam Ice Village Review -Amsterdam Ice Village Christmas Market

We spent Christmas and New Year 2022 in Amsterdam so it would only make sense that we checked out a few local Christmas markets while we visited. There is a round up post you can check out called The Best Amsterdam Christmas Markets In December however, I enjoyed the Ice village Christmas market in Amsterdam so much that I thought it deserved its own post.

This has to be one of our favourite Amsterdam Xmas markets to visit every year. The great thing about the Amsterdam ice village is that it’s actually on around Christmas. Some of the Amsterdam Christmas markets are running between November and then stop in December which really makes no sense at all to me!

What Is At The Amsterdam Ice Village

One of the things I love about the Amsterdam ice village is that the stalls are very unique. There are a few art stalls for sure but all the rest are singular and you won’t find another stall like it. We’ve been to a few Christmas Amsterdam markets and the stalls can get a little repetitive and boring but not at the ice village.

The Ice village isn’t that big, it’ll take you half an hour to an hour to go around and it will, of course, take you longer if you’re going to use the ice rink there.

Amsterdam Ice Village Cost

So the ice village Amsterdam is free to visit. You don’t have to pay a thing to walk around and it means you have more money to spend in the stores there. I won’t lie, the stalls can be a little expensive as they’re one of a kind but at the same time, some of them are totally worth it.

You will need some money for the food stalls if you’re hungry. They have all sorts of food there to pick from so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

They do have a pretty impressive ice rink at the ice village. The cost for the ice rink is €7.50 each if you take your own skates although it will be €14.50 each if you need to rent ice skates as well. There are other Amsterdam ice rinks however most do cost more. I would say that the ice rink Museumplein is totally worth it if you like ice skating.

Amsterdam ice village ice rink museumplein

Amsterdam Ice Village Stalls

We loved the stalls at the ice rink Museumplein market. They were so unique, and a little expensive but for some of them, totally worth it. They had art stalls that sold both originals and prints, a jewellery store, loads of food stalls and our firm favourite, the Fuuki stall.

The Fuuki stall was amazing, they had cool pin badges, clothing, prints, buttons, stickers and more! Compared to other “geek” products we’ve seen at Christmas markets, they were very reasonable in terms of price. Keep an eye on our Instagram as we got some prints that are going to look amazing in our front room! Not to mention, the guy who runs it, is kinda cute.

Is Amsterdam Ice Village Worth It?

Overall, I’d say that the ice village is totally worth it. The Ice Rink Museumplein can be great fun if you want to give it a go and it’s cheap enough compared to other Amsterdam ice rinks. The variety of stalls is diverse so you’ll not get bored walking around which you might do if you’re at other Amsterdam Christmas markets.

Make sure you take a bag, you’ll need it if you’re going to be buying. That being said, a lot of the stalls there will give you bags if you need them but I prefer using my own.