Perfect wedding planning tips

8 Wedding Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Weddings can be rather tough, which is why it’s important to get all the wedding tips you can while you’re planning your special day. I’ve seen loads of wedding hacks thrown around and some of them are terrible and just don’t work! So I wanted to put a list together of wedding tips that do the job and you can put into practice on your wedding day! These tips will be anything from planning a wedding all the way to the wedding day to make it special.

Shopping Around

If you’re looking for wedding supplies it’s important to shop around, you don’t want to pay too much or purchase something from the first store that you find! We’ve put together a list of 8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies and also 8 UK Stores To Find Cheap Wedding Decorations.

If you are able to shop around for wedding supplies it means you’re going to find the best price for anything you want, money that can be saved for the honeymoon or spent on other areas like the florist or the cake. When you’re shopping around be prepared to spend hours looking for various wedding items so that you can find the best price and so you can stay within that all-important wedding budget!

Don’t forget to look on Amazon for cheap wedding items, Amazon wedding deals are perfect for creating the best budget wedding your money has to offer. If you’re wondering what’s so good about Amazon wedding products take a look at this 12 Things To Buy On Amazon For Your Wedding post and thank me later!

Ask The Right Questions

You’re going to have loads of wedding suppliers trying to get you to go with them, to put your money in their pocket for their services. It’s important that you ask the right questions otherwise you might not get the suppliers you want for your perfect wedding day! We’ve put together a list of questions you should be asking your wedding suppliers and I urge you to ask as many as you can think of before you sign on the dotted line, especially when some of the suppliers you go with could end up costing you thousands!

Have A Wedding Budget!

If you’re planning a wedding you want to have the best wedding budget behind you as possible. You don’t want to overspend on your wedding otherwise you’re going to have a very expensive wedding day and you might be looking back on the day with dread and no one wants that! Find out How To Create The Perfect Wedding Budget and make sure you’re left happy on your wedding day. It’s better to be married with no debt, or at least that’s what I think when wedding planning.

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Day Budget

Plan, Plan & Plan

You want to make sure you plan every single detail so that nothing goes wrong. There’s no point in having pieces of paper lying about all over the place though, look out for handy ways to plan everything. Take a look at perfect wedding apps to help you plan better, get a notebook just for your wedding planning and don’t forget to tell your partner everything so that you’re both on the same page and don’t have any wedding mistakes crop up!

Have The Right Entertainment

A wedding can be slow and at times boring for you and guests. It’s important to have the right wedding entertainment for your wedding. Think about what you both like and also what your guests might like, while you’re meeting with everyone that showed up you could have a magician going around keeping children entertained or a gin bar for the adults! If you’re stuck on entertainment ideas take a look at this 8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of post!

Don’t Forget About Gifts!

When you’re planning your wedding and making sure everything is done on time you might forget about gifts. I’m talking gifts for the mother of the bride, maybe gifts for the supplies or even wedding favours for the tables at your wedding breakfast. Make sure you remember all the wedding gifts, make a list of everyone you want to get gifts for and start picking them up whenever you see something nice, it will spread the cost out and you won’t forget anything.

Think Outside The Box

There are thousands of weddings a year in the UK, make yours different. Think outside the box and do something a little differernt. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas but don’t just copy the wedding ideas on there, take the ideas and make them your own, that way your wedding is going to be rememebered for all the right reasons!

Create Amazing Wedding Favours

One of the things I loved most about our wedding was that we made our wedding favour boxes personal and everyone had something a little special. We put handwritten personalised scrolls in each of our gift boxes for the guests and made sure the wedding favours put a smile on everyones face at our wedding! You can read all about the different budget wedding favours we looked here. We looked for cheap wedding favours as we didn’t want them to cost a fortune but they still made the day a little more special!

Planning The Perfect Wedding

There are loads of steps that you need to take when planning the perfect wedding, it’s not something someone can do overnight and if you want the best wedding ever then you’re going to have to put a lot of wedding planning into it!

Wedding Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding