8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of!

8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of!

Weddings can be slow at times and you want to keep your guests entertained while you’re off taking photos and sneaking around having a glass of champagne and some cake. We looked at loads of different entertainment options when we planned the whole wedding experience and there are loads of options that we didn’t have a clue about. You have the normal wedding entertainment that most people will know about and go for, then you have the more obsecure wedding entertainment you wouldn’t have even thought about and aren’t normally introduced into weddings.

I thought I’d put a list together so that people could see 12 wedding entertainment options that they might not have thought about before, maybe you’ll find new ideas and inspiration for your own wedding, just make sure you shop about because some wedding entertainment options can be expensive and charge way too much just because it’s for a wedding!

The Importance Of Wedding Entertainment

Weddings can get very busy, entertainment is essential for the day to run smoothly, stop wedding guests from getting bored and lighten the mood throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you have entertainment for the whole day or just the night do, as long as it’s fun and interesting. We only had wedding entertainment for the evening and keep reading to find out what we went for!

Live Band

Most people will go for a DJ but if you have the space outside or a big hall, why not go for a live band or a singer? If it’s a nice day your guests can go outside and listen to them and even if it’s not a nice day and they have to play inside your wedding guests can have a nice dance to the singing and band inside, my sister had a really nice live band at her wedding and the guests loved having a dance around!


So this isn’t our cup of tea at all, we had a few magicians contact us when we looked around wedding fairs and talked to various wedding suppliers but it’s not for us. If you’re a lover of magic and love getting involved in party tricks, a magician may be just what you’re looking for! Just make sure you see some of their magic tricks first as you don’t just want a magician wedding entertainer who makes baloon animals all day!

Photo Booth

Again not our cup of tea at all, a lot of people love them though. You can always have a photo booth at your wedding, they’re fun and everyone can get involved. The best part is that you can keep the photos and so can the guests, although I’d always suggest seeing what the package comes with and that you have everything you want when you hire them.


Make sure none of your guests have an issue with gambaling first but a casino is a great entertainment choice if you want something a bit more adult orientated that everyone can get stuck into and enjoy without the pressure of losing money in the process.

Caricature Artist

This is the one, the wedding entertainment that we decided to go with at our wedding and we couldn’t be happier. We found a caricature a few years ago at Bournemouth Comic Con and loved his work, which is why we decided to hire him for our wedding and we are so glad we did. If you fancy something a little different go for a caricature, just make sure you have them there long enough as it does take time to draw and a wedding can have a lot of guests! You can also get some amazing wedding favours with having a caricature artist present, the guests have something fun to take home from your wedding!

Gin Bar

If you’ve got an adult only wedding and want something to keep the adults entertained while you’re off doing the meet and greets why not a gin bar? You could have people mixing their own drinks, trying something new and getting stuck in. A classy wedding entertainment idea as well if you’re having a fancy traditional wedding.

8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of! Wedding entertainment gin bar

Large Chess & Checkers!

If you have a summer wedding and the weather is amazing, consider some giant chess boards for everyone to enjoy. I’m not saying this could be your main entertainment, but it might be fun for everyone to enjoy and have a good time. You’ll be able to hire these from entertainment companies, the venue might have them or you could buy a giant chess board from Amazon.


If you’re having a wedding in a nice open space you might want to consider fireworks. You’ll have to check with your wedding venue if you’re allowed to have fireworks as some venues might not allow them however they’re a perfect wedding entertainment option to keep your guests entertained at night and a perfect ending to a perfect wedding day.

Wedding Entertainment

There are certain aspects that need to be considered when booking wedding entertainment. You need to make sure that your guests are going to be interested in it, there’s no point having a gin bar if most of your guests don’t drink or half your wedding party are children. You also need to think about price, you don’t want to spend out on something that people won’t like and you don’t want to pay for the most expensive entertainment out there so make sure you shop about.

8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of!

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