8 UK Stores To Find Cheap Wedding Decorations

8 UK Stores To Find Cheap Wedding Decorations

Weddings aren’t cheap, which is why I love finding cheap wedding decorations. It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you are having, travel wedding like ours, posh wedding, superhero wedding or anything you want; you can always find some cheap wedding decorations if you know where to look! I’ve found a range of UK stores that cater for weddings and have some amazing bits that you can pick up nice and cheap for your wedding day. It also means you’ll save a fortune because wedding decorators aren’t cheap and they can destroy your wedding budget in a matter of seconds if you’re not careful.

Wedding Instagram Accounts

Apart from your local UK stores that have some really nice wedding decorations it’s always good to have a look at wedding Instagram accounts that help you source the wedding decorations that you want. We are following a couple that have some really nice ideas and most of the stuff that they put out there is cheap and can fit into anyones budgets, you have cheapweddingstuff and cheaperweddings on Instagram and I encourage you to follow them both if you want some amazing wedding inspiration and some cheap wedding supplies that will make your wedding day amazing!

Home Bargains

Home Bargains have loads of cheap wedding decorations and all the wedding supplies you might want. I’ve found that they vary from store to store as to what inventory they have and the bigger stores will have more stuff in them. If you want cheap wedding supplies for wedding accessories such as wedding name cards, wedding bubbles and wedding gifts Home Bargains is the place you want to shop at, they have a nice range and are forever getting new stock in so keep visiting and you might find something new to fall in love with each visit! All their wedding items are cheap and you’ll not have to break the bank!

The Range

I was a little unsure about the range to begin with, I’d only ever been into one store and it wasn’t that cheap but I wasn’t looking at wedding stuff. When we went we found that they had loads of cheap wedding decorations and you could spend all day having a look in there! We managed to get loads of bits for our wedding centerpieces and did them at a fraction of the cost that any florist had quoted us. If you want to make an affordable wedding centerpiece I’d suggest checking out the range as you’re going to find so much choice when it comes to wedding supplies you’ll either leave with a full trolley or so many ideas that your head hurts! They also have some amazing cheap wedding table decorations and cheap wedding favours if you need some inspiration when in that area.


The clue is in the name, you’re not going to be spending a fortune here unless you need the items in bulk. They have some amazing wedding supplies and at a fraction of the cost! We found some lovely wedding bubbles here after seeing them on the cheaperweddings Instagram page and didn’t have to spend a lot of money. If you’re after cheap wedding stuff check out your local Poundland as they have a wide range of wedding stuff and although you might think it is, it’s not tacky cheap stuff. Also if you’re looking for wedding table decorations or wedding favours you’re not going to see them again so you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. So get down Poundland for your cheap wedding supplies!


Asda or any supermarket really, you’ll find a smaller selection of wedding items and most of it will be within any couples wedding budget. I find Asda to be perfect for wedding gifts and also bits for a wedding centerpiece, we found they have some really nice candles at a lower cost and although they don’t have the same range that some of the others stores do we still picked up some nice bits. If you’re looking for wedding gifts or bits to put on a wedding gift list I’d take a look in any supermarket for ideas and stay away from places that sell high end and expensive bits, you want your guests to have a nice time and not be poor because you asked for a £80 gravy boat, on that note you can get a gravy boat in Home Bargains for under £2!


We’ve been in Dunelm a couple of times now and we’ve found some really nice wedding supplies but nothing that suits our wedding. Some of their stuff is a little on the pricy side although you can still find some amazing wedding bargains if you go through all their wedding bits. They also sell some really nice candles as well if you need to factor them into your wedding day or wedding centerpieces and you don’t have to go overboard and spend a fortune. Dunelm is also a nice place to get cheap wedding gift ideas for your guests and it means you can put a little extra on your wedding gift list and people might get you a couple of bits.

TK Maxx

Tk Maxx have some really nice wedding decorations, you won’t find many wedding gifts or smaller wedding items in there but most stores have a wedding range that focus on decorations. Again we didn’t find anything in Tk Maxx that suited our wedding and some bits are out of budget but it’s always worth a look. You could leave with 100 new wedding ideas just by looking at a few items, I’d advise going at least 5 months before you wedding though as you don’t want to be changing your mind on wedding arrangments too close to your wedding day!


We couldn’t find any bits at IKEA that are wedding specfic when we checked them out, however they do have some general cheaper items that can be used. If you’re looking for candles, fish bowls and others bit for a wedding centerpiece you’re going to find some nice bits that don’t cost a fortune. You might even find some nice wedding decorations such as fairy lights if you fancy putting some up or potted plants, fake or real to put on the tables or down the isle to make it look nice and fancy when you’re walking down. You won’t have to spend a fortune and you can get a discount if you have an IKEA card so make sure you get your hands on one of them!

The Works

The works always seem to have a going out of buisness sale or closing down sale so it’s a great palce to visit for cheap wedding stuff! They have a really nice collection of cheap wedding bits that you can get and also a load of crafts bits if you fancy making your own wedding items for the big day. They might not all be cheap but you can always find a dimond in the rough.


There are loads of physicial UK stores that you can go into and find some nice cheap wedding decorations. The great thing about shopping in store is you know exactly what you’re going to be getting and it means that you don’t need to worry about sending items back online if they arrive and they’re not what you wanted or are completley different to the online pictures, which is a big issue with shopping online. When you shop in store for wedding items you might also find bits that are cheaper in store than online, we’ve found this with items such as wedding bubbles and candles. It’s always worth shopping about and looking in different stores before you buy an item just to make sure you don’t find the same item cheaper somewhere else or something that you like even more. I hope this post helped with wedding ideas and making your wedding cheaper, check out our other wedding posts for more wedding help and wedding inspiration!

8 UK Stores To Find Cheap Wedding Decorations. Cheap wedding ideas.

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