8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies

8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies

Finding wedding supplies can be difficult and even worse when you’re looking for cheaper wedding supplies. You may have seen the recent post when I’m talking about cheap UK stores where you can find cheap wedding decorations, now I’m talking about online stores you can find cheap wedding supplies. Thankfully the internet is full of websites that sell wedding supplies although not all of them are at a decent price, you’ll find some websites charge a disgusting amount for some products when you can buy them somewhere like Poundland!

I’ve decided to put a little list of wedding websites together so that people can find cheap wedding decorations. I love finding cheap wedding supplies, some of the websites you might know of already so just skip past them, some you might have never heard of and I was in the same position at one point but putting together a wedding helps you find these places to ensure you have a magical wedding day.

The Importance Of Shopping Around

I say this to everyone, make sure you shop around, you might fall in love with an item from one website but it might be £5 cheaper somewhere else, make sure you check everywhere before commiting so you don’t lose out on any money. You’ll find the same wedding decorations sold all over the internet, the best thing to do is to type it into google and they have a list of selected stores that the item is sold at, normally cheapest to msot expensive so it’s easier for you to find the best and cheapest wedding supplies.

8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies, affordable wedding supplies


eBay is a great place to get wedding supplies! We picked our wedding favours, wedding favour boxes, wedding guest book, wedding invites and wedding save the date cards on eBay and hardly spent anything! On eBay there are loads of sellers so be sure to look through them all, see what other wedding items they have and check out the sellers latest feedback, if they have a load of negative feedback you might want to check somewhere else. When using eBay you can get cashback on every purchase that you place, it’s only around 1%-2% but trust if you’re using eBay to get a lot of wedding supplies it soon adds up. So use Topcashback when you make an eBay purchase and maybe put the money you get back towards the honeymoon!


Etsy is a great place to find various wedding items, in fact we’re looking at purchasing our wedding rings on Etsy at a fraction of the price any highstreet shop has costed! You can find all sorts of wedding supplies on Etsy and just like eBay there are thousands of stores that you can pick and choose from so make sure you look around and get the best price! Don’t forget to use Topcashback when you shop on Etsy and you’ll get around 4% cashback from your purchase!


OnBuy is the next website to rival Amazon, or so it’s said. Either way they have loads of wedding bits that you can browse through and if you fancy making a purchase go for it because the stuff they have is actually rather cheap. There are things from wedding favour boxes all the way to bridesmaids slippers on there so whatever you’re looking for I’m sure they have. Again friendly reminder, use Topcashback and get up to 7% cashback on your puchase!!


Of course Amazon was going to make an appearence, although I’m not the biggest fan of Amazon they do have a few items that are fairly priced but not everything, Amazon is my last resort if I can’t find anything on all the other shops listed. Amazon aren’t on Topcashback however so you won’t be able to get any cashback on there which is another downside to Amazon.

Not On The High Street

I’ve not used not on the high street before, but I’m always on the look out for new bits. They have quite a large range of wedding items on their website though and it’s worth a look. Also around 4% cashback on Topcashback as well so always go through Topcashback! They have some really nice wedding guest books as well.

8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies


Okay so this is a tricky one, it takes forever to get anything from Wish and sometimes they might not be exactly what you wanted by the time they get here. However if you have the time, patience and money you can always take the risk. The worst part is there’s no cashback or next day delivery so you will be waiting about, you might even forget you ordered anything and it be a huge surprise when it arrives!


Redbubble is great if you want something unique and personal. Great for wedding gifts for the bride and groom party. There is loads to pick from on their website, I’d just suggest to go for bits that have good reviews as some of their bits can be questionable quality. They’re on Topcashback so when you get your wedding supplies you’ll be able to get up to 12% cashback at the same time, which will soon add up if you’re buying quite a few wedding bits!


You’re going to want to get invites, save the date cards and loads of wedding supplies and Vistaprint is a great place to start. They do so much and they have lodas of designs to pick from. If you’re on a wedding budget and you don’t want to spend a fortune have a look at Vistaprint and see what you can get, there are always Vistaprint discount codes waiting for you as well and to top it off you can get up to 20% cashback from Topcashback so you can save a fortune and get cashback!

How To Get Cashback On You Wedding Purchases

A wedding isn’t cheap, everyone knows that and yet people try to charge a fortune. I find cheaper items online and in stores to make the wedding run a little more smooth. I also get money back on my purchases that I place online through Topcashback, so far we’ve made around £54 back from purchases because we got cashback, the great thing is we still have 7 months till our wedding and we’re still looking for bits to buy for the wedding so the amount is going to go up.

You can also save your money that you get from Topcashback and use it towards your holiday. You can have the money come out as a PayPal balance, Amazon giftcard or a giftcard for travel companies, the list is long and you can pick whatever you want. Also don’t forget to use Topcashback all year round so you can collect the cashback and save it for Christmas or another holiday.

Getting The Right Wedding Supplies!

You’ll going to want to make sure you get the best item for you and at the best price. You can look in store for wedding supplies but it’s easier to look online and you can get cashback. The one thing you need to keep in mind when looking for wedding supplies is to shop about, don’t go with the first website or place you look. We found some amazing bits on eBay and then went to Etsy and found them to be cheaper on Etsy, it’s worth looking about. It’s also worth looking for wedding bits online that you might not think about, wedding rings, wedding flowers and other wedding accessories you can think of, even if you can’t find them online it’s worth a look and if you find them you might end up saving a fortune!

So next time you remember you need to get something for the wedding take a look online and don’t forget to use Topcashback so you save money that you can spend in the future, maybe on the honeymoon!

8 Online Sites To Find Cheap Wedding Supplies

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