8 Bournemouth Museums To Visit

8 Bournemouth Museums To Visit

We love to discover culture wherever we can and that means visiting museums, Bournemouth museums in fact. You wouldn’t think of this seaside town to have a lot of culture or very many museums as Bournemouth beaches take centre stage! If you’re looking for museums in Bournemouth this is a list you need to follow.

Bournemouth Natural Science Society

This is a really nice Bournemouth museums, if you catch an open day it’s also a free museum in Bournemouth and you’ve not got to pay. It is however nice if you leave a donation, I know the museum is going under some maintenance at the moment and any little helps go towards paying for that! They have so much to do and see within the museum and it’s a great place to take children.

Bournemouth Aviation Museum

If you’re into aviation this is the best Bournemouth museum for you! The Bournemouth flight museum or Bournemouth plane museum as it’s also known is a great place to soak in the history and also see some pretty amazing stuff! It’s also a great child friendly Bournemouth museum.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

If you like art and culture, this is the place for you! It’s a really nice Bournemouth day trip to make and there’s loads to be seen. They have a really nice cafe, I’m not sure it’s the place to go with young children though, they might get bored!

Red House Museum and Gardens

If you’re looking to explore some Christchurch history this Christchurch museum is for you, it’s one of the museums that really dives into Christchurch and Bournemouth and looks into the history it holds! It’s a great one to add to the Bournemouth activities list!

Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP)

Here’s a different kind of museum in Bournemouth! The Bournemouth museum of design in plastics dives into plastic and how it’s been used throughout the year, plus so much more! You really need to check out this one of a kind museum if you’re visiting Bournemouth this summer!

Science Zone

A great place for child friendly activities, situated inside as well so you don’t have to queue outside in the rain! Sure it’s not the biggest museum in Bournemouth but it’s a great time and kills a couple of hours when you’re with children visiting Bournemouth. It’s a great place if you’re looking for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain.

Poole Old Lifeboat Museum

If you’re into maritime and the lifeboats this is a must to put on your list! Showcasing lifeboats throughout the year and digging into the history behind them, it’s full of culture and diversity, a must visit!

The Etches Collection

If you want to dig into the marine life of the Jurassic coast this is the place you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the mystery of sea life surrounding the south! Open all week and having great activities for children, what’s not to love?!

Things To Do In Bournemouth

These museums will give you enough to do in Bournemouth and Poole while you’re visiting, great for summer days and rainy days! If you’re bored of museums I’d suggest visiting the Bournemouth Upside Down House for a giggle and then grab something to eat in Bournemouth town. If you’re looking for more Bournemouth attractions do let us know and we’ll try our best to help! We hope this fun things to do in Bournemouth list has helped and we hope you have an amazing stay in Bournemouth!

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