8 Amazing Vegan Bournemouth Restaurants

8 Amazing Vegan Bournemouth Restaurants

Bournemouth restaurants are known to be very hit or miss, there’s some really good Bournemouth restaurants and some terrible Bournemouth restaurants, which is one of the reasons we don’t eat out often even though we are Bournemouth locals. We have a passion for good vegan food and wanted to find some Bournemouth vegan restaurants or at least Bournemouth restaurants that sell vegan food. We’ve found some nice places and wanted to let everyone know about them, it’s only fair to share after all! So if you’re looking at places to eat in Bournemouth check out these 8 Bournemouth restaurants you’ll love!

Mokobo Burger Bar

This place is amazing. They sell vegan burgers which are so yummy and normal burgers. It really is the best Bournemouth burger bar you’ll find. The atmosphere is great and it’s always busy. If you’re a large party make sure you book in advance. This falls right under the top restaurants in Bournemouth and we hope you’ll love it as much as we did. If you want to read more about the mokobo burger bar in Bournemouth take a look at this post. On a visit to the restaurant, we found out that they have a deal on a Tuesday where you buy one burger and get the second free (cheapest free). We went here for Louis’s graduation meal, 11 of us and that just shows how much we liked it!


The food is so good here we got them to cater our wedding, can’t get much better than that. They have great vegan and vegetarian options along with other non-vegan dishes. If you’re looking at where to eat in Bournemouth I’d highly suggest taking a look at this place, also perfect for special events, birthday and Christmas meals!

Mad Cucumber

One of the best places to get a vegan lunch in Bournemouth. The vegan food is amazing and tastes amazing. The mad cucumber restaurant is quirky and individual and the name says it all, a great place to get a lunch in Bournemouth and a must-visit.

Hungry Oven

If you love pizza and want to go somewhere that has vegan options on the menu, check out the hungry oven Bournemouth. The food is really nice, the pizzas are big and the service is really good there. If you’re looking at places to eat in Bournemouth, check out this place.

Turtle Bay

Turtle bay restaurant Bournemouth have a few yummy vegan options to pick from, more on the dessert menu to be fair, the food is really nice and not too expensive. If you want vegan Jamaican food this is the place to eat out in Bournemouth!

Zizzi Bournemouth

Zizzi is one of those chain restaurants, which isn’t always a bad thing. They have quite a few vegan options on the menu because they know what they’re doing and have more long term experience at offering the right food to their customers. The food is nice and the service is on point.

Ojo Rojo

Amazing atmosphere, great food and some really nice vegan recipes. As a top-rated restaurant in Bournemouth, it really is a Bournemouth hidden gem that people need to dig into, the vegan food tastes amazing and you wouldn’t think it’s vegan at all.

The Bay Tree

A perfect little paradise that serves vegan food. The prices are also really budget-friendly, if you’re looking for a Bournemouth budget-friendly hotel this is a great place to go.

Bournemouth Restaurants

If you’re looking for the best Bournemouth restaurants to eat at, these are some of the best. With the best vegan food in Bournemouth as well, you’ll be happy and satisfied after. If you’ve eaten at any of these top restaurants in Bournemouth, let me know your opinions! If you know any other types of best restaurants in Bournemouth leave a comment and I’ll have to check it out! Plus we love these vegan Bournemouth restaurants.

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