8 Airport hacks you need to save money!

8 Airport Hacks You Need To Save Money!

The Airport can be expensive, that’s no lie. However there are ways in which people can save a lot of money without even realising it, over the years of traveling I’ve started to pick up tips here and there and thought I’d put them all into one nice blog post so that others may learn and save money. Of course you might already be doing some of these which is perfect, if you can leave here knowing one more trick on how to save you money I’ll be happy, we know holidays aren’t cheap so let’s make them a little more manageable.

#1 ~ Water Bottle

So you know how they don’t let you take liquids through and you have to buy it all on the other side? Next time take a bone dry empty plastic bottle through, make sure it has no liquid in it whatsoever so they can’t get picky. When you get through security and you’ve sorted yourself out you can go fill your empty bottle up at a nearby water fountain. In doing do you’ve saved yourself a few extra quid, if you have a few people and you take say 4 bottles through you could be saving £8 if each bottle is £2 which they are normally around that. Or you can buy your very own water bottle that you can also use on holiday!

#2 ~ Weight

If you’re worried that you hand luggage is gong to be overweight then there’s a nice simple trick you can use. If you have a camera, stick it in your pocket, got a jacket, carry or wear it and if you’ve got a laptop take it out and carry that as well. Most of the time you won’t get noticed and you’ve saved a few lbs on your allowance. Just remember to do the same on the way back or you might face trouble!

#3 ~ Parking

Unless you’re traveling by bus or train then you’re probably going to need to pay for parking. Don’t ever leave this until last minute. Always look for deals as well. The best place we’ve found deals is Groupon, they have some amazing deals, at the same place you would be parking anyway for a fraction of the price. We have saved up to £50 before when we went to Greece for a week; it’s worth looking out for!

#4 ~ Currency

Never use the Currency exchange kiosk in the airport. I’ve never seen a half decent exchange rate in there and I would always, always advise people to get their money days before their trip, even more so if the money you need has to be ordered in like Thai and Russian currency does.


#5 ~ Food

Much like the water bottles I mentioned above, some food can be taken through security. You’ve seen people take sweets through before right? Dry sweets and food can be taken through. So think about taking some snack bars through to munch on before your flight, again you can pick these up cheap at the pound shop and save a fortune in the airport lounges!

#6 ~ Entertainment?

You’ve seen the book shops there right? Well don’t fall for it! Take a book yourself, or a kindle. Make sure you have some headphones and a power bank with you so you can play games on your phone. Whatever you’re into make sure you have it with you so you don’t spend money on entertainment at the airport.

#7 ~ Duty Free

Don’t get fooled by duty free. Make sure you know the prices outside of the airport lounge so you can see if you’re actually getting a good deal. If you’re are buying cigarettes and going to Greece, wait to see how much they are in Greece and then spend money in duty free after if they’re worth it. Duty free can sometimes work out more expensive but due to the massive hype around it, people don’t catch on.

#8 ~ WIFI

It might seem tempting but never pay for airport WIFI. My tip would be to buy a WIFI pack that gives you a daily allowance, these can be under £100 for a two week trip and are totally worth it. Whereas our flight to Bangkok they wanted £25 each for a one way flight when it came to on board WIFI!

So there you have it 8 unique ways in which you can save money at the airport, I’ve not made them all sound the same like you may find on other websites and each one gives valuable information that can be used on any trip. Again you might already be doing, if you’ve picked up a new tip though that’s great! I’d also suggest taking your own sandwich bags just in case the airport makes you pay for clear bags due to them being plastic.

If you have any trips that I’ve missed please let me know. I’m talking about tips you need once you get inside the airport and not tips like book a hotel the night before close to the airport because sometimes that can cost more money and it might be money people don’t have.

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 8 Airport Hacks You Need To Save Money!