8 Affordable Wedding Decorations To Consider!

8 Affordable Wedding Decorations To Consider!

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or you want a big fancy wedding, you’re going to want decorations and we wanted loads of wedding day decoartions but had to slim it back because weddings are not cheap. I wanted to put a little list together of all the wedding day decoartions that we wanted and mostly of ones that we purchased and used for our wedding day! You might get some nice wedding inspiration and some new wedding ideas you didn’t even think about before and that’s the main point of this wedding information post, if you’ve not checked out our other wedding posts please do!

We got our wedding decorations from all over the place, I’ll try and link to the places we got bits when able although some bits were purchased in store so I’ll be unable to link to everything, I’ll let you know what store though so you can go and visit yourself.

Wedding Centerpieces

You can get your florist to do the wedding centerpieces and you can find more on what to ask them in our questions to ask wedding florists post, or you can do them yourself. We decided to do them ourselves because it meant we could have anything we wanted and we really had fun with it all. We also found that by doing it ourselves it was a lot cheaper, half the price quoted by most florists!

Confetti Filled Balloons

Something we found when on our wedding journey, confetti filled balloons! They’re amazing, look great and aren’t expensive to make. Get some cheap balloons and some confetti, mix them together and you’re done. Just be careful because if they start to pop on the day, you’re going to be left with a mess! You can always buy a pack of 47 confetti filled balloons and save yourself a lot of hassle!

Confetti Filled Balloons, 8 Affordable Wedding Decorations To Consider!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are one of the best wedding decorations you can think of. They’re versatile and you can have them pretty much anywhere. You’ll need to make sure you can have them up in your wedding venue but most places don’t have an issue with them. The best thing about having fairy light wedding decorations is that they don’t cost a fortune, you can get LED String Fairy Lights on Amazon for under £10 and they look great in photos!

Chalk Boards

When you’re thinking about wedding decorations chalk boards can be a great decoration to think about. You can write whatever you want on them, have custom hashtags you might want your guests to use when tagging you in photos and so much more. I’d totally suggest a chalk board at your wedding, maybe just to give your guests extra information.


At our wedding we had pictures along the stairs, only a couple of them but they displayed some really nice memories of ours. One had a photo of us in Greece where we got engaged, it’s a nice little wedding decoration and it doesn’t cost that much at all! You can get some really nice photo frames for a couple of pound from most superstores.

Alphabet Letters

This isn’t something we had on our wedding day but they can make really nice wedding decorations for sure. You can get extra large letters for your guests to take pictures next to and these are best rented from certain wedding suppliers, or you can get smaller ones for the wedding breakfast tables for your guests to take pictures of and tag you in on Instagram if that’s your style.

LED Candles

You can have candles dotted around all over the place, most wedding venues don’t like naked flames so you won’t be able to get them however if you have LED candles you can have them anywhere you want. If you’re thinking about real candles make sure you know the rules at the wedding venue you pick, we can have them but there can’t be any naked flames.


You can have all sorts of different bunting dotted around your wedding venue, the great thing about bunting is there are loads of designs out there and it means you can create anything you want for your perfect wedding day. I know loads of people that have used bunting for their wedding decorations and they always look amazing.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are a huge part of the wedding day, but not something everyone thinks about in advance. I’d always suggest thinking about what wedding decorations you want before booking a venue so you’re able to ask the right questions, if you’re looking for questions to ask wedding venues I wrote a handy post, 42 Questions To Ask A Potential Wedding Venue.

I’d love to know what affordable wedding decorations you used at your wedding and how amazing they looked. I’m always on the look out for more affordable ways to make a wedding great.

8 Affordable Wedding Decorations To Consider!

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