6 Perfect Wedding Apps To Help Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

6 Perfect Wedding Apps To Help Plan The Perfect Wedding Day

If you’re planning a wedding you’re going to need all the wedding planning tools that you can get your hands on. We use a few wedding apps that are great to help plan the wedding and have everything in one place. When looking at wedding apps though you need to make sure you check the reviews, I’ve downloaded a few in the past that have been cancelled but are still on the app store which sucks because they looked so amazing.

In this post though I’m going to talk about wedding apps that are still in use by both developers and the general public, otherwise there’s no point downloading them. The apps might not be for everyone and you might have your own method for dealing with bits but take a look and see if there’s anything helpful in the list.

Sevenlogics Countdown App

So this most people will have if they’re planning a wedding, a countdown app so you can count down the days to your wedding day. I love this app because you don’t have to spend a penny, it’s 100% free! You can customise any countdown you want, you can pick minutes, days, months, seconds or any numeric variation if you so wish. The best part is that you can put on your own picture, we have one of our venue that I’ll drop below to give you a little inspiration. I love this app and I’d totally recommend it, the great thing is everytime I check it I’m even more excited to the big day.

6 Perfect Wedding Apps To Help Plan The Perfect Wedding Day countdown app.


So I wanted an app that I could collect a load of photos from the big day on. The general rule we had for the wedding is no photo taking while the ceramony is taking place, because I wanted to walk down the iasle and not have a sea of phones to stare at and just my other half. We found this app which works really well, we could have all the photos that guests took in one place and had fun seeing them all after our big day. I must say it takes a while to get all your guests on the app and there’s always a couple that forget to do it and then chase you up after the wedding but that’s to be expected, wedding problems always occur, in many forms! Totally download the app and let us know what you think!


I love pinterest, the amount of amazing ideas you can get off there is out of this world! If you’re looking for wedding inspiration and amazing wedding ideas pinterest is the place to go. We found inspiration on there for our florist, our wedding invites and so much more! If it wasn’t for pinterest I would have had no idea what kind of suit I wanted, if you’re getting married and you’re not on pinterest I’d suggest you download it now, while you’re at it don’t forget to follow us! If you already have pinterest I’ve got a nifty pin right here for you to pin and help others out who may be planning their wedding!

6 Perfect Wedding Apps To Help Plan The Perfect Wedding Day


If you need everything in one place I’d suggest getting todoist or an app like it. Having a list of everything that needs to get done in one place is the best thing you can do if you’re getting married. Trust me you’re going to be dealing with loads of wedding stress so you’re going to forget things and that’s why I had a HUGE list that Matt hated because it took me forever to go through it. However todoist is great, it has everything in one place and you can add people to the list, Matt was thrilled when I added him let me tell you! You can allocate jobs on there for the people on the list and it just runs so smooth you don’t feel so stressed by the end of it. You can also use todoist on your Mac so you really can take it everywhere with you!


I’ve spoken about how Instagram helped our wedding before but now I can talk about it a little more. When you’re going through wedding planning you want to make sure you have everything you could ever possibly need, at the same time you don’t want to spend a fortune which is easily done. We followed a few wedding accounts that are designed to showcase amazing wedding products but at affordable prices! At the same time you can follow certain hashtags on Instagram and get new wedding inspiration delivered to your Instagram feed every day and trust me you can find some amazing wedding ideas that other people are always posting about. We found our cake maker on Instagram and couldn’t have been happier. If you want to follow an account to get some cheap wedding supplies take a look at the cheaperweddings account.

6 Perfect Wedding Apps To Help Plan The Perfect Wedding Day


Joy is an app and website, you can set up your own website and fill it with information to share with your guests. It’s a great app if you’re looking to have a budget wedding and save money wherever possible. You can send your invites out with Joy and get all the information you need to your guests without having to pay for stamps, which are always going up in price and you never have enough! Take a look at the Joy app on the app store and let me know what you think. We used it for a little but not for much as we had our hearts set on other bits and didn’t need all the services they offered.

Free Wedding Apps

I would also like to point out that all of the apps on this list are totally free and you don’t have to pay a penny. I hate that some apps charge you and you might download it and find it’s total rubbish! These are all free wedding apps, they can help you plan the perfect wedding day and they all offer different services that can help you have the best wedding day possible. Take a look at the 8 online stores to find cheap wedding supplies post as a lot of the online stores are available as apps and you can do your shopping everywhere! If you’re going to pay for wedding apps I’d suggest you take a look at online reviews before hand as there’s nothing worse than wasting money and we all know weddings aren’t cheap!

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