3 restaurants to visit in Argassi, Zante Zakynthos Greece!

Argassi is a wonderful town which is a 10 minute taxi drive from the main town. In my opinion argassi zante is one of the busiest towns in Zante and one of the nicest. argassi zakynthos has loads of restaurants in it, you might find it difficult to decide where to eat if you are staying locally. So I have devised this list of the top three restaurants in Argassi, three that we have personally sampled ourselves and loved. So if you have any zante holidays coming up you kow where to eat!

Each restaurant has something different and charming about them. If you go to all three during your stay you will experience something different and take away memories that last a lifetime. Argassi Greece has everything you need to have a nice time and never feel hungry after a meal. I love the greej authentic dishes that they have, it’s not like Benidorm where it’s all english food! So take a look at our argassi restaurants zakynthos and find somewhere nice to eat.

Greek Restaurant Dionysos, 9/10

Dionysos restaurant argassi is an amazing family run restaurant situated just behind the Diana Palace, perfect if you are staying here on your holiday. When I say family run I mean it, the waiters who are sons of the owner start from as young as five with the boy handing out menus when you arrive. This adds a certain charm to the restaurant that is difficult to find anywhere else on the island. With the family running the show I have to say that service is 5 star and they deserve a generous tip at the end of the night, if you can afford it.

The food. I have to admit the food is four stars in my opinion. It taste amazing, always comes out hot but sometimes the presentation could be a little better. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it looks like slop, it’s just put together a little sloppy. That being said we normally have 3 starters, 2 mains and between 2-3 desserts depending on how we are feeling. We also have quite a few drinks on top as well; so the food can’t be that bad! If you are visiting the island and staying in Argassi I would recommend eating here as much as possible, we have been at least twice on every visit so far, three years running!

Greek Restaurant Peppermint, 8/10

We ended up going to the peppermint restaurant argassi after a restaurant in town fell through like bricks through a roof. The owner of the Diana Palace pointed it out to us and we never looked back. A five minute walk from the Diana Palace isn’t much of a walk although you would think it was a totally different part of the island when you arrive. Quiet and out of the way, yet with so much life. There was someone to greet us when we arrived and we got to pick where we wanted to sit, overall service of the place was a sure 4 stars. Sometimes it was a little difficult to get someones attention, which can be a tad frustrating.

The food. The food was nice. Four stars for sure. Nothing special however, I think the whole package was what sold the restaurant to us in the end. Matt had lobster on our second visit which looked amazing, I had steak as I am in no way a fish person! Food was an overall four star, thanks to the peppermint I now love lemonchello and have a new found love for cheesecake, if you visit make sure you have the cheesecake as it was blissful!

Greek Restaurant Papillon, 7/10

We stumbled by papillon restaurant argassi by total accident if I am honest with you. Never heard of the place before but it looked really nice so we decided to go on in and have a sit down. The service was okay, there was an English lady that did all the ordering and everything else. Due to this the restaurant lost it’s charm slightly but it was easier to order than any restaurant we had visited before which was nice I suppose. An overall 3 star on that one.

The food. So I found the food to be really nice and a total 4 stars. I say four because Matt had mussels, again not a dish I would go for. I remember him describing them as okay and if you’re paying to eat out you want something better than okay. I have to say though the rest of their food was really nice and we would totally eat there again, just without the mussels.


So there you have it, our top three favourite restaurants that we always visit when we visit Argassi in zaknthos. In ranking order as well. If you visit the island I must insist you try at least one of these places, you won’t regret it. We have been three years in a row and found that all three restaurants kept consistency, the Dionysos even got better on our last visit. While other restaurants on the island have closed down or totally flopped.

You will get tour guides and street sellers trying to sell you all kinds of places to eat, at the end of the day we don’t listen to them. We ask hotel owners and we look where the locals eat before making our minds up. Read independent reviews like this and check TripAdvisor. The restaurants are right around the corner from argassi beach as wellm which means you can go for a little stroll after.

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