Greek Scams to keep an eye out For when On Holiday!

The word scam may be a little too harsh depending on your point of view, you will understand why I say that in a moment. I’m not trying to say that all people from Greece are scammers, and I say greek scams because these are types of scams and cons that I found when visiting over Greece. So they are scams in Greece. When we travel, even if we have enough money we are always looking for a bargain and trying to save money wherever we can. The more we save, the more we are able to do! So when it comes to losing money we aren’t impressed and we soon pick up on the reasons why.

When in Greece there are two things that really bug us, two things we got caught out by for once and never let it happen again. So we decided to let you lovely people know what you need to be avoiding so you don’t lose money like we once did! It’s always important to take care of your money while on holiday, so holiday scams can really ruin a nice vacation.

Greek Restaurant Bread Scam

Wait, what? So you would think what on earth is wrong with bread, well it isn’t just bread! If you decide to go out to a nice restaurant, to any restaurant then be cautious. If within a couple of minutes in the meal the waiter is chucking bread or other starters on your table you have two choices. First choice, say no or ask if it is free and if they say you have to pay then say no. Second choice, leave it and pay for it at the end. Yes they will put bread, starters or drinks on your table and it will all be added to your bill when you leave.

On a tour we went on in our second year to Zante we all got taken to a nice little restaurant, the first thing the waiters did was put bread and water on every table. Of course we said no thank you, they tried a second time which was when we put our foot down and simply said no. It was terrible watching everyone at the end when they received their bill to discover they had to pay for the ‘extras’ that had been placed on their table, but just like in our case; you only get bitten once.

It might not seem like a lot but if you happen to be on a budget then 5-10 euros can eat into your money and you find yourself going without because of it. So remember if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Tip ~ If someone comes around and put random items on your table, ignore them. All they want is your money and they sell cheap tat that breaks before you even finish your meal.

Greek Scam Roses And Free Gifts

One night we decided to take a walk around the town, I mean why not? A lady approached me and gave me a rose, sweet right? Well when she asked for 3 I decided to hand it back. All I got was a load of abuse and evil stares. If someone approaches you and tries to give you a gift, say no. When it comes to England I have had people approach me and give me stuff for free but I guess if you’re not in your own country, be cautious for sure!


So there you have it, scams. I mean like I said they might not be scams to some people but if you’re on a budget holiday it can have a big impact on your entire trip. Make sure you are firm and say no, some people won’t take no for an answer if you aren’t assertive enough! Don’t be put off on a restaurant or certain area in Greece if this does happen to you however, it seems to be common practice on the islands.

Have you ever come across anything that can be summed up as a holiday scam no matter how small? Holiday scams are quite common, mainly in europe countries but also Bangkok which we discovered. Let me know so I can keep an eye out on our next visit!

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