15 Reasons I Chose To Get Married Abroad

There’s no better feeling than marrying your significant other and devoting yourself to each other in front of friends and family.

Many people have dreamed of their wedding day since they were very little. Unfortunately, there’s no denying that the happiest day of our lives can also be one of the most stressful!

From deciding who to invite and finding the venue to choosing the perfect wedding dress or suit, it can all get a little bit overwhelming.

One of the best ways to alleviate these stresses is by getting married abroad, and we can wholeheartedly recommend it since we got married overseas ourselves!

Not only does it ‘take the pressure off’, but you’ll get to spend more quality time together, and a destination wedding is often cheaper (I know, strange right).

Below, we’ll go through some of the main reasons why my wife and I decided to get married abroad!

1. A destination wedding!

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons people love to get married abroad is the allure of somewhere exotic.

It doesn’t have to be all about golden sand beaches and swaying coconut palms, but there is something special about getting married overseas.

You get to take a break from everyday life and create memories in a destination that will forever hold a special place in your heart. Not to mention, the anticipation of getting away can often help distract you from the pressures of planning the big day.

The destination itself may be a priority and somewhere you already have in mind, or you may just be looking for somewhere new and exciting.

2. There’s a better chance of pleasant weather

If you’ve ever been to the United Kingdom (our home country), you’ll know the weather is extremely unpredictable. No matter what time of year you visit, you’re highly likely to encounter rain.

Normally, this isn’t a problem as we’re used to the gloomy weather (unfortunately). However, it can put a right dampener on your big day, especially if part of your venue is located outside.

Even if you’re getting married inside, the weather can limit the photography opportunities for your wedding.

If you’re getting married abroad, you’re much more likely to have beautiful weather and this can mean all the difference!

3. You don’t have to invite the whole family

There are plenty of reasons why you may not want to invite the whole family to your wedding, but the most common one is your budget.

Some people have huge families and it’s just not viable to invite everyone to your big day. That means some big decisions have to be made when it comes to the invite list, which can cause disagreements down the line.

When getting married abroad you’ll be in for a more intimate experience, and you’ll have a reason why your guest list is so limited.

People are much more likely to understand that you can’t invite everyone and it helps with your budget too.

4. It can be cheaper to get married abroad

As impossible as this may sound, it’s often cheaper to get married abroad, depending on the destination anyway.

Me and my wife got married in Paradise Cove, Orlando. As it was just outside of Walt Disney World, our 10-day trip included a visit to the park, as well as flights, accommodation, and the wedding itself.

This included the cost of our guests too, and it was technically a holiday for the two of us as well.

When all of the expenses had been added up it worked out the same, if not slightly cheaper to get married abroad, rather than have a wedding here in the UK.

5. There’s no pressure to be ‘traditional’

Many people love a good traditional wedding and there’s nothing wrong with that!

However, current trends suggest that people are leaning toward more unique services that are personalized to them. This could be anything from forest weddings to getting married in a museum.

You can even get married at Disney World itself if you fancy, as I previously mentioned, we had our service nearby!

When you’re getting married abroad, there’s no pressure to stick to the traditions that so many people do back home. You’ll also have much more flexibility if you’d prefer to tie in your wedding with local cultures and experiences.

6. You can head straight on your honeymoon

The great thing about getting married abroad is that you don’t need to plan the two events separately. Your honeymoon can start as soon as the service is finished, so there’s a lot less hassle in that regard.

Many people choose to spend thousands on their big day, and then spend another could of thousand on their dream honeymoon. By combining the two, it’s just a joint cost.

Generally, most honeymoon trips tend to be abroad. After your big day, you’ll then have to say goodbye to everyone and make sure you’re all packed for your trip.

There’s then the stress of catching flights etc, all of which can be avoided by getting married overseas, as you’ll already be there!

7. Plenty of unique experiences

Although getting married at home can offer you the perfect day, you may find that it doesn’t offer you any unique experiences.

If you get married abroad, you can taste delicious new cuisine, try new activities (that you wouldn’t otherwise), and get involved in the local culture.

Many people also choose to take this one step further and find a unique way to do their vows. As strange as it sounds, you can actually take your vows underwater, and this definitely wouldn’t be possible in the UK!

These new experiences can often carry on into your honeymoon, as you’ll visit new places and get to meet some awesome people.

8. You’ll have beautiful photographs

As much as we hate to admit it, photographs are a key aspect when it comes to weddings. They can either make or break your day, especially as you’ll want plenty to remember this memorable event by.

Getting married in a beautiful destination means you’ll have a stunning backdrop for your photographs.

Whether this be a beach, lush forest, or a charming outdoor venue, your photographer will have the perfect canvas to work with. I know I shouldn’t say this, but these scenic snaps might make everyone envious too!

Shooting a wedding in the UK can sometimes be difficult due to the weather, so that’s one less thing to think about.

9. You can spend more time with friends and family

One of the best things about getting married abroad is that you get to spend more time with the people who are close to you.

After your big day, you’ll have to say goodbye to friends and family before jetting off to your honeymoon. However, if you have your big day overseas, the fun just carries on until your trip ends.

Many people choose to either get married near the start or towards the middle of their trip. This way, they’ve got at least another week to spend with their loved ones.

There’s no denying that this is one of the best reasons to get married abroad!

10. If you wish, you can have an intimate private ceremony

Going off one of my previous points regarding not inviting the whole family, you can actually take this one step further.

Many people choose to have a really intimate service if they’re getting married abroad. This may just include parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles/aunties, and best friends!

Not only will this cost less, but you’ll get to spend more time with your guests. There’s also less stress involved with the logistics and you’ll have more options when it comes to venues.

Or, you’ve got the option of elopement if you’d prefer something extra intimate. You’d just need to make sure you have a witness.

11. Take advantage of established wedding planners that many venues have

Another great thing about getting married abroad is that the planning is often taken right out of your hands. This will minimize the stress for you, so you can just enjoy your day.

Typically, you’ll find that many established venues have wedding planners, and you should take advantage of them. They are often included in the ‘wedding package’ and can organize all the necessities for you.

It’s a good job too really as it’s not like you can just drive 30 minutes down the road to check the venue. These planners often have fantastic experience so your wedding will be in good hands.

12. You can get married much quicker

Although this may sound like a strange one, you can often organise your wedding and get married a lot quicker if you opt for an overseas venue.

I know for sure that popular venues back here in the UK can get booked out years in advance. That’s without anything delaying them further such as construction issues or dare I say it, a pandemic.

As I’ve just mentioned, most of the day will be organised by whoever your package is with. These planners are extremely professional and can offer you a really quick turnaround.

This makes it the perfect option if you’re both itching to tie the knot!

13. More suitable if you have family and friends all over the world

For those with family and friends across the world, getting everyone to come to you can be a bit of a nightmare. This is especially the case for those having to catch long-distance flights, as there’s no denying that airline tickets are costly.

By having a destination wedding, you can always choose somewhere that’s roughly in the middle for everyone. This way, guests won’t need to fork out as much money to get there.

You’ve also got a higher chance of more guests being able to make it regarding having to take time off work.

14. You’ll get to have a ‘holiday’, not just one day

Similarly to the honeymoon idea, you’ll technically be having a whole ‘wedding holiday’ rather than just one day. This means you can stretch out the fun and celebrate throughout the trip.

Many guests tend to just take one day off for a wedding back home. Whereas, if you get married abroad you’ll often get to spend more time with everyone.

Once the joys (and stresses) of the day are finished, you can just relax and take some time to enjoy your destination. This just gives you something extra to look forward to, not that you need it of course!

15. You can get married in a place that you love!

One of the best reasons to get married abroad is that you can opt for a place that you love. It’s safe to say that usually, your favourite destination in the world isn’t just around the corner, and it’s most often overseas.

It could be the place where you first met, where you took your first holiday together or the proposal location. Either way, getting married somewhere close to your heart can make all the difference.

You’ll be able to create new and everlasting memories in this place together, as well as spend precious time here with friends and family.