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14 Wedding Favour Ideas

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Wedding favours can be a little bit of a pain, trust me we know. We went through loads of wedding favour ideas and found hundreds that we could pick from so we had loads of wedding information and not enough time to sort through it all! Wedding favour ideas can be a pain to sort out, most of the time it’s not even on your mind when planning a wedding, I can vouch for that! It can also be a pain to find them depending on where you live, make sure you don’t search wedding favours otherwise you’ll get shops from the US and that might cost a fortune in postage!

Wedding Favour Chocolate

Wedding chocolates are a big thing in the gift boxes and I love it, who doesn’t love chocolate?! Edible wedding favours are a big deal and it’s something people can enjoy on the day as well. If you want to go a bit fancy you can always get something like personalised chocolate bars because who wouldn’t like some personalised chocolate wedding favours? You can find personalised wedding chocolates almost anywhere online and if you don’t have a budget and want to go mad.

Personalised Wedding Candy

Personalised wedding sweets are all the rage at the moment and you can get so many types of personalised candy it’s unreal. You can either buy bulk wedding candy from a load of online and in-store suppliers or you can have custom wedding candy as we did, we had personalised love heart sweets for our gift boxes and we loved them! You can get them really cheap on Etsy and I’d suggest taking a look!

Personalised Love Hearts

We decided to have personalised love hearts for our wedding favour boxes, we found a supplier on Etsy. That being said you can get personalised wedding hearts on Amazon for as little as £5 for 50, which is an amazing price! If you want something a little personal for the wedding favours and not ones that will get eaten like chocolate and candy, this is a great idea! If you want you can always buy more and decorate the tables with them!

Miniture Scrolls

We had this at our wedding, small scrolls in the favour boxes and everyone had their own handwritten message in them, they were all different and personal for the person. If you want a personal wedding favour I’d totally suggest this, just make sure you have the time to sit down and write them all out! We had 50 to do and that took long enough! You can literally get 100 for under £5 on amazon! 100 Pieces Colorful Wish Paper Scrolls.

Hot Chocolate Sets

Hot chocolate gift sets are something that you should look into if you’re planning a winter wedding. There’s nothing better than hot chocolate in the snow. You can never beat a hot chocolate tube, or maybe go for hot chocolate sticks with added marshmallows for a bit more fun!

Personalised Thank You Cards

If you want to get personal then personalised thank you cards are the way to go! Personal wedding favours create a nice touch to your perfect day and makes all the guests feel included and loved. You can get some lovely little multi-packs of cards on Amazon and write a little thank you out to everyone who gets one.

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Personalised Tea Bags

We had personalised tea bags at our wedding and they went down a storm. I’m not sure anyone has actually used them as it’s such a nice keepsake and reminder of a nice day. You can get these easily on Etsy like we did and they’re not too expensive either! If you want wedding favours on a budget, these are the ones to get! Take a look at these personalised wedding tea bag favours for an idea!


If you’re looking for something with a touch of class and a unique wedding favour that will get guests talking, go with flowers but not the conventional kind either! These glass flower bottles are amazing for guests and they can display them at home to remember your special day!

Personalised Candles

If you’re wanting a wedding favour that you can set on fire, try and personalised candle! You can get cheap wedding favours on Etsy and there are loads of cheap wedding candles on Etsy for you to pick from!

Mature Wedding Favours

If you fancy being a little naughty and most or all of your guests are adults then a naughty wedding favour might be worth a look! Mature wedding favours can be a right giggle, take a look at these mini penis soaps wedding favours and have a laugh when others open up their wedding favour gift sets!

Personalised Stickers

We put a wedding sticker in each of our wedding gift boxes. We also sealed each of our thank you cards with stickers that got sent out after the wedding. They’re great cheap wedding favour ideas and you can buy them in bulk on Etsy! Take a look at these personalised wedding stickers on Etsy for inspiration.

Buying Wedding Favour Boxes

If you’ve already got all the wedding gifts ready you’ll want to know where to put your wedding party favours, I’d suggest a nice wedding gift box as they look really nice, however, I know a lot of people use bags. It’s all a personalise preference and sometimes you might want something that goes with your theme! You might want to have a plain favour box or something that your guests remember! At the end of the day, there are loads of cheap options on Amazon and I’d suggest checking them all out!

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14 Wedding Favour Ideas - budget wedding favours - cheap wedding favour ideas