14 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

14 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

Some people don’t think so but a wedding cake can actually be a really difficult part of the wedding process. Planning your dream wedding can be a tough one and you don’t want to have to worry about the smaller details like the cake. When planning a wedding everything has to be perfect, trust me I know. I’ve heard some disaster stories surrounding wedding cakes and I made sure I pulled out all the stops before picking our wedding cake maker, asking the right questions is key and these 14 questions to ask the wedding cake maker are just what you need!

Why Is It Important To Ask A Cake Maker Questions?

There are many reasons why you want to ask wedding questions, you don’t want a terrible wedding cake for starters. The questions will also factor in health and saftey, hygine issues and making sure the cake is suitable for guests as you don’t want anyone having an alergic reaction on your wedding day!

14 Wedding Cake Maker Questions To Ask

1, Do you make the cake in a shop or at home?

This is important, some people won’t want a cake maker who works from home due to various reasons and you don’t want to book your dream cake maker to then find out the dream isn’t what it seems!

2, How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?

You don’t want your wedding cake made two weeks before your wedding day and then frozen until your big day. This will kill the flavour and texture of the cake and you might find yourself dissapointed on your big day!

3, How long have you been in business?

I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, you might want a cake baker with a little experience and if your wedding cake baker of choice has only been going for a couple of months you need to ask yourself, do you really want to take the risk?

4, How many cakes do you deliver on the same day?

Our wedding cake maker only made one cake per day and delivered one cake on the day. This was to ensure she could put the love, time and care into the cake to produce the best cake possible.

5, Is a tasting included in our fee? If not, how much will it cost?

Most wedding companies will charge for a tasting so you need to make sure this is taken into consideration, otherwise it might eat into your wedding budget.

6, Are You a Registered Food Business With a Food Hygiene Safety Rating?

You need to ensure that they have a food hygiene rating, this is needed at a shop or at home to ensure the best cake possible and that everything is hygienic for your cake.

7, Do You Cater For Dietry Requirements?

We had vegan guests, gluten free guests and guests that couldn’t have citrus at our wedding. We had to make sure that each tier had specfic requirments and you might have to do the same, if a cake maker isn’t able to do this I’d look for another.

8, Do you provide cake stands?

A cake stand is important, otherwise the cake has nowhere to go. You can either pick one up cheap yourself or your cake maker might have one to provide, you’ll need to ask to find out.

9, How are your wedding cakes priced?

Try and find a fairly price wedding cake, I know loads of places in Bournemouth that tried to charge way over the odds just due to it being a “wedding cake”. There’s no point putting a great wedding budget together if you spend it all on your cake!

10, What Flavours Do You Offer?

Make sure you ask this, there might be loads to pick from and you can always pick your most favourite for the cake tasting. Also ask if the cake maker can do different flavours for different tiers if you fancy something a little different.

11, Will I Get a Sketch of My Wedding Cake Design?

This depends on if you’re having a bespoke cake made, original ideas might cost more of take longer. Make sure your cake maker has the right idea when it comes to your cake, you don’t want to be left dissapoointed on the day!

12, Do You Use Buttercream or Fondant Icing?

This makes a big difference to some people, including Matt who isn’t the biggest fan of icing altogether! Make sure you know what they’re using, you don’t want a buttercream wedding cake if you hate buttercream!

13, Do You Offer Polystyrene Tiers?

For people who want a bigger cake but don’t need all the food this might be an option, you might find that if you have a “fake wedding cake tier” it might cost less and everyone loves a cheaper wedding cake!

14, What if the Cake is Damaged During Transition?

This is a big deal and your cake maker might have something in place if this happens. I will say to make sure you check your wedding insurance to see if it covers damaged cakes. If your wedding cake baker has been making them for a while there shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Asking Questions Before Paying!

Make sure you’ve asked all the right questions before paying for your wedding cake. The last thing you want is to pay it off in full and then end up with something that looks like it’s from Asda for £2.50! I’d take a pen and notebook with you so that you can write down all the answers because wedding preporation can be stressful and you don’t want to forget wedding information you might need later on!

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14 Question To Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker