Cheap Wedding stuff To Get On Amazon!

12 Things To Buy On Amazon For Your Wedding

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Amazon is a really convenient way to shop, especially for a wedding! You can get all sorts of cheap wedding stationery on Amazon that can save you a pretty penny when saving on a wedding. We ended up getting a few bits off Amazon which I wanted to share with everyone else, especially if you’re planning a budget wedding!

Wedding Night Invitations

We could only have a limited amount of guests at our wedding, mainly because we wanted a cheap wedding and the wedding venue size. These wedding reception invites are great. I’m sure most people want personalised wedding invitation however these cheap wedding reception invites are great for the night-do and you can get 50 for as little as £11 (July 2019). There are also loads of various wedding invitation designs on Amazon so you’re spoilt for choice!

Wedding Napkins

Most people want their own personalised wedding napkins, the great thing about wedding items you can buy on Amazon, napkins are one of them! You can either ask someone to maybe get the napkins for you or you can get your own personalised napkins for as little as £10 for 50, there as loads of wedding napkin styles on Amazon and you might spend hours finding the best wedding napkins but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Cheap Wedding Planners

I’ve said it before about planning the best wedding and making sure you have a wedding planner ready for every occasion. There are loads of wedding planners on Amazon and for as little as a couple of pounds. Don’t worry about getting personalised wedding planners because you’ll either throw it away or keep it locked away somewhere after the wedding. You can get really nice ones on Amazon if you’re willing to pay a little more.

Cheap Wedding Decorations

You can get so many amazing wedding decorations and more importantly cheap wedding decorations from Amazon. They range from as little as 99p for wedding table decorations to hundreds of pounds for huge wedding decorations. You can take your pick on the Amazon wedding list and find all you need, make sure to look through them all or you might miss something amazing!

Cheap Wedding Favours

In my eyes wedding favours are a must, we gave wedding favours to our guests and to the suppliers because without them we wouldn’t have had a magical wedding day! If you want some nice wedding favours take a look on Amazon. You can get some nice wedding favour boxes and some amazing wedding favour items to go in them and at low prices which is great for a low-cost wedding!

Wedding Candles

It doesn’t matter if you want cute tealights or big wedding Yankee Candles Amazon has you covered with a whole range of cheap wedding candles, also expensive wedding candles if you want them. If you’re using candles for your wedding centrepieces you can get some really nice ones, also LED wedding candles if you’re not allowed flames in your wedding venue.

Wedding Games

If you want cheap wedding entertainment Amazon might be just the place you need! You can get loads of wedding games and wedding activities and at super great prices, you might even want wedding activities for children and they have that as well! Check out all Amazon has to offer and sort your wedding day out.

Wedding Cake Toppers

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on wedding cake toppers, looking for a cheap wedding cake topper might be the way to go. There are some fairly prices wedding toppers on Amazon and they come in all shapes and sizes so there should be something for everyone.

Wedding Rings

If you want a cheap wedding ring Amazon have that as well, you might be wanting something until you can afford a nice expensive ring and that’s fine. Get one off Amazon until then and no one will know the difference unless you’re showing your ring off all day?

Wedding Thank You Cards

If you want to say thank you once the wedding is done, buying wedding thank you notes in bulk might be the right thing to do? Everyone should enjoy their wedding day but thanking the guests after is something that a lot of guests forget about doing, do you want to be one of them people? Us neither!

Wedding Photo Albums

You’re hopefully going to have loads of wedding photos from your big wedding day? Well, you’ll need somewhere to store them, if you’re attending a wedding it might also be a really nice gift to give a loved one. There are loads of wedding albums on Amazon so you can pick the best one to suit any couple getting married!

Cheap Wedding Films

If you’re looking for inspiration on the perfect wedding, watching films might be just what you’re after. Watch films that focus on weddings and make sure you get some nice ideas and also what wedding mistakes to avoid during your wedding preparation and wedding day!

Save Money On Your Wedding

Make sure you save money on your wedding, it can be an expensive time and you don’t want to be conned into spending loads of money because it has “wedding” at the start. That’s why I love Amazon, it might have wedding in the title but they’re still affordable wedding prices! If you’re struggling to put together the perfect wedding budget take a look at the How To Create The Perfect Wedding Budget post we have and hopefully that’ll help you make all the right choices when it comes to your big wedding day!

12 Things To Buy On Amazon For Your Wedding
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12 things you need to buy on amazon for a wedding! #wedding #frugalwedding #cheapwedding #budgetwedding #weddingitems #weddinginvites #weddinggifts

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